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WeFitter: Connecting Users, Engaging Communities for a Healthy World

Nick Bosscher | WeFitter
Nick Bosscher, Business Owner, Wefitter

In recent years, the level of growth and innovation in wearables has boosted the usage of this technology in health and clinical trial settings. Moreover, the application of health monitoring devices in clinical research is a reassuring and essential element in allowing the trials to continue even during the crucial time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Wearable medical devices allow data to be collected digitally and automatically, so patients may not need to keep manual data records. They may also be under less pressure to recall this information at a later date.

Significantly, using wearable health devices can also help reduce the need for clinical visits, giving participants a greater degree of independence. Adding to this scenario, API solutions make it possible to leverage health and activity data from wearable devices. It is intended to be used for corporate wellness, population health, and patient monitoring applications. Certainly, WeFitter API offers aggregated data from fitness and health applications and wearables, enabling its users to analyze aggregated data, create applications and add gamification.

In an interview with Insights Care, Nick Bosscher, Business Owner, sheds light on the significant services and the stronghold of WeFitter in the healthcare sector.

Nick, please tell us about WeFitter in detail.

We are an aggregator API solution suitable for various use cases to help companies improve their customer retention rates, engagement and fitness. With our API, clients can integrate the most used fitness apps and wearable connections in their native/hybrid app or web platforms, collecting relevant user data and making informed decisions in overcoming the challenges of keeping end-users fit and healthy.

Originally, We have travelled around Europe: starting as a fitness app in Barcelona, the API is a spinoff based in Groningen, the Netherlands. Our team is diverse, offering the perfect innovation environment to help understand the needs of our clients and partners and develop the fittest and optimal solution in the market. Our team is dedicated to creating a fitter future through IT with experience in commercial and technical sectors and a deep understanding of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning.

The WeFitter API is the only integrated solution in the market that offers simultaneously:

  • A continuously growing wearable connections selection.
  • Gamification features, scalable and frequently diversified.
  • AI-powered personalization of health and fitness.
  • A dedicated admin dashboard.
  • Proven integration in only two days! 

What are the USPs that make WeFitter a booming company in the healthcare niche?

With WeFitter, you now have the possibility to build your own customized health and fitness solutions fuelled with health data from all our connected sources. The customer focuses on their solution, we take care of the connections. WeFitter has been more and more active in the healthcare market, with customers from the insurance, corporate wellness, digital fitness and e-health industries.

WeFitter has plans for the future to make use of their extensive knowledge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) by adding new features such as profiling, a recommendations module for supplements, and biological age score.

What are the core values upon which WeFitter is built? What is its vision and mission?

Our mission: Rich features, easy integration, fun and simple gamification – a healthier lifestyle with the WeFitter API.

With a Vision: “Healthier end-user lifestyles” – Powered by the WeFitter software and technologies.

For the Goals: WeFitter was born from the strive to achieve a healthier lifestyle. For end-users, from creators, with the latest technologies and fresh technical expertise. Health redesigned with the best value for money IT solution.

One team, one job: We are more than a group of people working on software solutions. The WeFitter team is motivated and driven by the importance of fun, awareness, and overall benefits of a healthy lifestyle for our clients and their end-users.

From fitness enthusiasts to fitness starters–we bring the knowledge and expertise needed on all sides of keeping fit, understanding the end-user needs and the customer pains, towards creating an easy to use yet fully developed solution to support the goalsetting of clients.

What was your inspiration and commitment behind developing innovative healthcare products to improve people’s lives?

The intention has always been to create a healthier lifestyle for people in an accessible way. That is why we use a wearable device (starts with a phone with a step-counter) so it is possible for everyone to join. That is the way we can integrate the WeFitter solution into existing technology that is already being used.

To collect health information by means of gamification so people enjoy engaging with a healthier lifestyle in an accessible way. Next to that, we collect the health data so we can work towards more personalised health advice using Artificial Intelligence knowledge (biological age score, sleep advice and mental health).

What is your opinion on the necessity for the healthcare industry to leverage the emerging trends of technology, concerning to fulfil your client’s requirements in the healthcare industry?

A key point that matches with the WeFitter solution is that IT systems in the healthcare sector aren’t integrated with each other. Lots of separate systems that don’t talk to each other. WeFitter builds the bridge to push and pull health data from one platform into another. In WeFitter’s case, it is the integration of patient health data into an existing healthcare platform.

In the healthcare sector, information can be found on different places. Because of this, a healthcare professional has an incomplete view of the total reality. We offer the connections with wearable devices into an existing system. This results in an extra data stream to provide healthcare platforms with all contextual health data concerning their patients.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the healthcare industry?

To solve a core problem should be the starting point for an entrepreneur in the industry.

Start with a small solution to the core problem, then using feedback loops expand the solution you bring to the market. The feedback loops keep you engaged with customers, end-users and the market.

The team is incredibly important, the expertise the core team has about the product and the market makes the difference between success and failure.

What are your future goals, and how do you envision further strengthening the stronghold of WeFitter in the healthcare sector?

To be the number one aggregator API for fitness and health platforms in Europe, that is our core mission.

We would like to achieve a foothold in the healthcare sector through strategic partnerships. With the team-internal knowledge of AI, we want to be a unique and specialised personalised solution in terms of health data.



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