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24Genetics: A Synonym of Excellence in DTC Genetic Testing

Nacho Esteban | 24Genetics

In the last few years, genetics analysis has become crucial in clinical practice and research with the robust advancements in genomics technology. A great stride has been made to unravel the underlying mechanisms of genetic disorders.

As genetic testing methods are becoming widely accessible and feasible to perform in a small-sized laboratory—conceding with advancements in computer technology—the application of genetic testing for personalized medicine is ushering in an era by providing new horizons for the betterment of human health. Comprehending this scenario, the developments in genetics and computer technologies continue to progress at their current speed—we can look forward to some fantastic results in human life in the near future.

We have the recent innovation as genetic testing is commercially available; the individual now has the possible means to access this delicate information named Direct to Consumer (DTC) genetic testing. DTC provides an early awareness of genetic diseases and thereby offers individuals the opportunity to play an active role in the betterment of their own health care.

Differing from the traditional hospital or physician-based testing, accessing an individual’s genetic information without medical or specialized interpretation has gradually found a place in our daily lives. Today, a handful of companies from all over the world offer DTC services to the public. This is where 24Genetics excels in the limelight as one of the prominent providers of the widest range of DTC genetic tests in the world, which are the most comprehensive in the global healthcare industry.

24Genetics seeks to bring the valuable tools offered by genetics closer to people so that they can empower every person, through scientific and personalized genetic information, to make the best decisions for their health and well-being.

Under the leadership of Nacho Esteban, CEO, the company aims to help people make the best decisions related to their health by providing them with scientifically proven genetic information.

In an interview with Insights Care, Nacho Esteban shared valuable facts about 24Genetics highlighting the significance of its offerings—his opinions on the future of the company—in the healthcare industry.

 Nacho, enlighten our readers about 24Genetics, its vision its significant offerings in the healthcare niche.

24Genetics is one of the biggest Direct to Customer (DTC) European Biotechnology companies that currently operates in more than 100 countries and has thousands of clients. We have one of the widest range of DTC genetic tests in the world, which are considered to be the most comprehensive on the market.

With just one DNA kit, we offer seven reports: Ancestry, Health, Nutrigenetics, Skin Care, Talent and Personality, Sports, and Pharmacogenetics.

Other companies can only see the ancestry in a few regions, but we do it in thousands; or show a handful of traits related to sports, nutrition, or skin, but we offer complete reports with hundreds of sections. And regarding process quality, our algorithms, developed by us and based on thousands of scientific papers, are among the most advanced available in the DTC DNA test market.

Our aim is to help people make the best decisions related to their health by providing them with scientifically proven genetic information.

Some of our main principles are…

  • We do not sell our clients’ genetic data and take your privacy to the extreme. Your sample becomes an anonymous code when you take the test, and your report does not include your full name.
  • As a company, we believe it is only right to use the best technology available. In our case, we work with Illumina (world leader in genetic sequencing) and in a European laboratory to guarantee the highest quality.
  • With a single kit, you can have our seven reports. Today or whenever you want. And you do not need to send any other saliva sample.
  • We can send our kits to every country in the world. It does not matter where a person lives; we let him/her access to personalized and valuable genetic information.

What was your inspiration and commitment behind developing innovative healthcare products to improve people’s lives?

I have always been passionate about genetics, but the real inspiration was the severe illness that my mother suffered from, and from which she sadly passed away. That is what prompted me to try to materialize what I had always believed would be a breakthrough in the world of health.

Now I am gradually convinced that 24Genetics is on the right way. Genetics can solve many problems if we bring it to the user level. Little by little, we are experiencing how it is becoming more relevant, and we want to contribute to that change happening as soon as possible.

How does 24Genetics leverage the emerging trends of technology in the genetic report generation process?

The process we follow to generate our genetic reports:

  • We extract the DNA from the saliva sample that clients send to us.
  • We transform the biological data contained in the DNA into computerized data. This process is called sequencing.
  • We apply the algorithms developed exclusively by 24Genetics to this computer data, which allows us to obtain each personalized report.
  • As you can see, we combine purely biological processes with in-computer processes, so that, without losing an ounce of scientific rigor, we can process huge amounts of information and provide detailed reports.
  • Clearly, our company’s processes demonstrate that science and technology go hand in hand and adapt to the needs of consumers.

As an established industry leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the healthcare industry?

Try to find something that you really have a passion and interest in and are convinced that it is something that can contribute to improving the current healthcare landscape. Something that when you look back in a few years, you can be proud of the legacy you leave behind.

What are your future goals, and how do you envision further strengthening the stronghold of 24Genetics in the healthcare sector?

We want to expand the fields in which we operate so that in the future we can be a company that allows everyone to obtain the necessary information to be able to make the best decisions regarding their health.

An example of this would be to have a central app in which a client could have all its information displayed and have it available for a health expert, providing the professional with the necessary information to give the patient the best treatment possible regardless of the capabilities of the hospital.

Please give us a few testimonials of your clients/customers and a list of awards/recognitions that accurately highlight 24Genetics position as a leading company in the market. (If available/permissible.)

The reports are very precise and detailed; they explain everything. Very satisfied with all the service, commitment, and diligence. Thank you very much also for the assistance received with difficulties and questions. The package that they send you the kit with is detailed, impossible to miss and has genuinely nice packaging. You are informed step by step from the purchase to the receipt of the package to the reshipment and the various checks that are made.

You do not feel abandoned, and you are informed of every step made to analyze the sample. I can say that the reports are precisely accurate. Some things, already confirmed with medical tests, have been reconfirmed with you, so I consider the rest very reliable.

Obviously, I will do other checks as you recommended—an excellent product with great satisfaction. I highly recommend trying it.

  • Giorgia A. Polleri from Trustpilot.

Spectacular work of great professionals in the field. Results are explained in detail, with genetic divisions not only by communities but also by provinces and even counties, thus creating a precision that no other genetic study offers. 100% recommendable.

  • Borja Pérez Gallo.



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