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1 Death, 9 admitted while 170 Exposed to new TB Outbreak in Long Beach, California


One person has died and nine others are hospitalized as a result of a lung illness outbreak that has been linked to an undisclosed hotel. A public health emergency has been proclaimed by the city of Long Beach, California, in response to a tuberculosis epidemic that has been linked to a nearby hotel and may have exposed up to 170 people to the disease. The city’s Public Information Office said in a statement on Thursday that 14 cases of tuberculosis have been linked to a single-room occupancy hotel, which officials declined to identify due to patient privacy and HIPPA requirements.

The office reported that nine people were admitted to the hospital and one person passed away.
They went on to say, “The outbreak is currently isolated to a distinct population and the risk to the general public is low.” “The population at risk in this outbreak has major health conditions, mental illness, substance abuse, homelessness, and unstable housing, among other barriers to care.”
As per the information, the disease is mostly caused by the Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria, which mainly affects the lungs. It is also observed that tuberculosis spreads rapidly in areas where people live in close quarters or meet in large groups. Individuals with compromised immune systems, such as those living with HIV/AIDS, are more susceptible to tuberculosis than healthy individuals.

Infections with tuberculosis (TB) progress through three stages. Most cases of primary TB are characterized by a low temperature, fatigue, or cough. No symptoms are present when a tuberculosis infection is latent because the immune system cells encase the lung tissue in a layer of TB bacteria. If the immune system keeps the germs in check, they cannot cause any more damage, the doctors say.
Coughing up blood is one of the signs of active tuberculosis (TB) sickness. The illness can extend outside of the lungs and frequently affects the kidneys, liver, heart, muscles, and other organs.
The Public Information Office of Long Beach reports that the city’s TB outbreak has exposed about 170 persons to the disease.

“Health Department staff are in the process of screening contacts for TB via symptom review, blood or skin test and a chest x-ray,” they continued in their statement. “The Health Department will continue to screen individuals associated with this outbreak and expects the number of cases and contacts to increase. Those who are found to have active TB disease or latent TB infection will be provided treatment.”

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