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Failing to Control Condition Puts Asthma Patients at Serious Risk: Experts

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A recent poll found that many people with asthma are not managing their illness, which is causing potentially fatal symptoms. Asthma Society of Ireland medical director and respiratory physician at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin, Professor Marcus Butler, issued a warning after reviewing the data, stating that many asthmatic patients needed to get treatment.

“Frequent symptoms and more serious flare-ups of asthma, also known as asthma attacks, are a clear sign that your lungs are inflamed and you need an asthma review,” he said.

“Equally, waking at night with your asthma should be a prompt to seek help. Your medications may need to be revised or you may need additional support to identify and manage your asthma symptoms and triggers.

“If you frequently need your rescue inhaler or steroid tablets to relieve asthma flares, it means that your asthma is uncontrolled, putting you at risk and can sometimes permanently harm how your lungs function.”

On World Asthma Day, he gave a speech. Ireland has one of the highest rates of the illness, affecting 450,000 people. According to the Asthma Society, which conducted the study, symptoms could constitute a major risk to one’s health or life and should not be viewed as an unavoidable aspect of having the condition. In Ireland, 81 fatalities from asthma were reported in 2022.

Almost 25% of the 1,205 respondents said they had experienced an asthma attack in the preceding month, and over half said they or their child had experienced one in the previous year.
Nearly 25% of adults and kids report using their rescue or reliever inhaler at least once a day, which is indicative of untreated symptoms.

Furthermore, one-fifth of those with asthma had taken steroid tablets more than three times, with 43 percent having used them at least twice in the previous year. This indicates more severe uncontrolled asthma.

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