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The Most Proficient Surgeons to Watch 2019

Saving Lives with the Art of Surgery
With our issue “The Most Proficient Surgeons to Watch 2019”, we present you with some of the masters in the field of surgery. These surgeons with their dedication and skills have become the epitomes of success and compassion in their respective fields. Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan is a Consultant Surgeon and...

Issue Profile

Dr. C. S. Ramachandran | General and Laparoscopic Surgery | Insights Care
Dr. C. S. Ramachandran: A Passionate Surgeon Working For the Good of Humanity
Watching a loved one especially ones mother suffer, is always traumatic for a young child. Dr. C. S....
Dr. Deepak Govil | Surgical Gastroenterologist & GI Cancer Surgeon | Insights Care
Dr. Deepak Govil: An Experienced Surgical Gastroenterologist & a GI Cancer Surgeon
“Surgery overall is a very interesting field. It’s my passion. Whether you do open surgery, Laparoscopy...
Dr. Kawita Bapat | Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist | Insights Care
Dr. Kawita Bapat: Marking her Excellence in the Gynecological domain
What is Passion? Enthusiasm about something? A compelling desire? We hear a lot of people define this...
Dr. Palin Khundongbam: A Positive and Compassionate Leader Working for a Better Tomorrow
Dr. Palin Khundongbam, an outstanding surgeon and a successful entrepreneur set to change the medical...
Dr. (Prof) Raju Vaishya | Professor and Senior Consultant | Insights Care
Dr. Raju Vaishya: A Personification of Hard-work, Dedication, and Success
A dreamer is a soul that dares to see the future, to realize the ambitions, and to hope. However, to...
Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan | Consultant Surgeon | Insights Care
Dr. Nadeem Niyaz Jan: Opening New Windows of Opportunity
“I solemnly pledge myself to consecrate my life to service of humanity” This is the first declaration...


Dr Nikhil Agnihotri | Director and Head | Insights Care
The Burden of Obesity in India
India has come a long way and is now perceived as a progressive economy fighting hard to secure its place...

Healthcare Articles

Nutrition Post Surgery | Insights Care
Nutrition Post Surgery−The Most Necessary Fuel for a Steady and Quick Recovery
Surgery of any kind is a traumatic event for the body. The stress and pain the body goes through needs...
Tech-trends | Insights Care
4 Innovations in Surgical Technology that are Improving Patient Care
Surgery is a field rife with innovation. New techniques, new technology, plus new ways of using existing...