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10 Most Admirable Healthcare Leaders In Middle East,2022

Lina Shadid: On a Quest for Innovation and Better Healthcare
We are living in times where health is the new wealth. Every single day, the news is replete with a new health crisis or a never-ending pandemic. Not equipped with complete knowledge about health issues, the ordinary person is often alarmed and confused. Here is where healthcare professionals and allied...

Issue Profile

Dr Jamil Ahmed, Managing Director of Prime Healthcare Group LLC
Dr Jamil Ahmed: Furthering Community Health by Improving Accessibility
The dynamic system of healthcare stands on some essential foundational stones. One of the crucial objectives...
Dr Zulekha Daud, Chairperson at Zulekha Healthcare Group
Dr Zulekha Daud: Pioneering the Path for Female Doctors in UAE
A girl born in the family of a construction worker, studied medicine with a dream of becoming a doctor....
Aladin Niazmand
Aladin Niazmand: Setting High-Standards for Modern Healthcare Architecture
The significance of high-functioning healthcare design was realized after the recent pandemic. It became...