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10 Most Innovative Assistive Technology Companies in 2022

eSight Eyewear: Transforming the Lives of People Living with Central Vision Loss
For many people, the most cherished sensory organs are their eyes. Much of the information in our surroundings is explicitly visual. Living with visual impairment brings about challenges most of us never consider. For individuals living with central vision loss, recognizing faces, being able to read...

Issue Profile

Peter Mindnich | Braille Institute
Braille Institute: Empowering your Future by Empowering your Vision
Progressive low vision, blindness, and low sightedness are diagnoses that petrify many as people do not...
Dima Gazda | Esper Bionics
Esper Bionics: Prominent Name in Prosthesis Innovations
We live in exciting times, and we may look forward to a future in which human-robotic interfaces become...
Hooman Lee | Exosystems
Exosystems: Empowering Independent Recovery
Have you imagined having a system that can enable medical services at the tip of your finger? Well, yes!...