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10 Most Prominent Telehealth Solution Providers In 2021

AMC Health: Transforming Care and Enabling Access to Care with RPM 2.0
The Centers for Disease Control (“CDC”) estimates six in ten Americans have at least one chronic disease, and four in ten have at least two chronic diseases. These chronic diseases are a significant contributor to premature death and disability, and to the staggering $3.8T annual healthcare costs in...

Issue Profile

Jose Paulo Carvalho, Founder of Hope Care
Hope Care: Bringing Healthcare to Your Home
The leading telehealth solution providers around the world exhibit their excellence in remote delivery...
Kirill Filippov, Founder of MedM
MedM Inc: Redefining the HealthTech Industry through Seamless Innovation
The impact of technology on healthcare is undeniable. From electronic medical records to mobile apps,...
Marc Atiyeh, Founder & CEO of Pawp Inc
Pawp: Revolutionizing Pet-Care Through Telehealth Services
Telehealth is one of the healthcare services that has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic. Initiated...
Keith Dressler, Chairman & CEO of Rhinogram
Rhinogram: Providing Simplified and Seamless Telehealth Solutions
Artificial intelligence and virtual care are changing the healthcare industry for the better. Just a...
Mike Harman and Peter Shandley, Co founders of Visionflex Pty Limited
Visionflex: A Futuristic Approach Towards Healthcare  
The internet has allowed us to connect with each other in a way that we never thought possible. This...