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10 Most Trusted PR Agencies In Healthcare 2021

GCI Health: Enabling Healthcare Organizations to Break Through
Across the healthcare spectrum, the reason why PR and marketing are considered essential lies in the fact that every organization needs a voice to not just reach but make a tangible and measurable impact with patients and other stakeholders. From brand awareness to the launch of a platform for patients,...

Issue Profile

Anne Woodbury, CEO, and Co-Founder,CURA Strategies
CURA Strategies: Breaking Barriers to Transform Healthcare
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has put the whole healthcare sector in turmoil. While lack of resources...
Jo Spink, Creative Strategist,emotive
emotive: Inspiring Change within the Healthcare PR Landscape
Amidst the ongoing chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic and a series of lockdowns, WHO launched #HealthyAtHome...
Karin Lohitnavy, Owner, Founder, and Master Connector, Midas group
Midas PR: Pioneering Thriving Public Experiences for Healthcare
The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of robust healthcare in our lives. While...
Chris Whitehouse, Chairman, and Director of Health and Social Care Policy, Whitehouse Communications
Whitehouse Communications: Disrupting PR Space for Quality Health care
The Healthcare sector is predominantly focused on enhancing the patient experience. The need to provide...