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11 Foods for Glowing Skin and Strong Hair

Foods for Glowing Skin | Insights Care

Healthy Foods

You must have heard of the saying, ‘We are what we eat’. Well, it is true. Our food habits don’t just influence our body and the diseases we acquire, but it plays a major role in making our skin and hair healthy also. Healthy eating habits directly reflect on our face. Let’s look at what foods we should be consuming and what benefits do they bring.

  1. Lemon
    This wonder fruit has multiple benefits. Consumed early morning with a glass of hot water and honey, it helps flush out the toxins and helps make the skin healthier. The vitamin C in it helps protect the skin from hyperpigmentation and photo-damage. It can also be applied on the skin for de-tanning, dark circles, etc.
  1. Avocado
    Not only are they highly advantageous for our inner health but also for the health of our skin. They are rich in vitamin E and C, which are very good for the skin and hair. Also, they help keep the skin moisturized and healthy. It protects skin against aging, sun, and the environment.
  1. Fatty Fish
    Containing good amount of omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish is very good for the skin. It keeps the skin moisturized and reduces inflammation.
  1. Coconut
    A natural hydrant, it contains potassium which is very helpful to keep the nutrients flowin the body. Minerals, vitamin E and K, and healthy fats in coconuts are great for the hair growth and bring natural shine.
  1. Tomato
    Tomatoes contain very high anti-oxidant content. This helps protect the skin against sun damage and improves the natural protection in the skin against the UV rays.
  1. Walnuts
    They are rich in omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids and many other nutrients. These help the skin stay healthy and your hair gets stronger.
  1. Garlic
    The medicinal values of garlic are many. One of them is for the skin; they help clear the skin and prevent breakouts.
  1. Bell Peppers
    The vitamin C in the bell peppers is an excellent anti-oxidant and helps generate collagen as well. Collagen keeps the skin strong. The beta-carotene in bell peppers acts as a natural sun block and is also good for hair.
  1. Spinach
    Vitamin A and C present in spinach help fight against wrinkles, dirt, and pollutants. It is also a good source of beta-carotene.
  1. Almonds
    Being a rich source of vitamin E and flavonoids, almonds are great for skin. They protect against oxidative damage and free radicals as well. Almonds also bring out the shine in hair.
  1. Dark Chocolate
    The flavonoid content in dark chocolate slows down the aging process and protects against dark circles, fine lines and pigmentation.

Aishwarya Nawandhar

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