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2021’s Leading Pharmaceutical Companies to Watch

Mitochon Pharmaceuticals: Harnessing the Power of Mitochondria to Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases
The Mitochondria are the powerhouses of every cell. This is something that we all learned a long time ago in 8th grade biology. However, the story of the role of the mitochondria goes much deeper than just providing power. We know now that the mitochondria may be the cause of a legion of diseases when...

Issue Profile

Abhinav Thakur | Managing Director | Accurex Biomedical
Accurex Biomedical: Saving Lives Through Quality Medical Diagnostic Solutions
Before 1984 almost 100% of the diagnostic reagents were imported into India. To promote the manufacturing of...
Dr Anand Srivastava, Chairman and Cofounder, Mr. Deven Patel, CEO, President, andCofounder, GIOSTAR
GIOSTAR: Leading India towards an Immune Future
In August 2020, a 53-year-old COVID patient who was in a comatose state, struggling to hold on to life,...
BN Manohar, MD and CEO, Stempeutics Research Pvt. Ltd,
Stempeutics Research: An Leading Name in Stem Cell Therapeutics
Founded on the vision of ethically and scientifically exploring the full potential of stem cells for...
Dr. Roy Farfara | Founder | TrioxNano
TrioxNano: Spearheading the Pharma Revolution
The world is in a fierce competition with the COVID-19 virus constantly mutating (E484K, N501Y) and increasing...
prof. Gopal Pande | Dean | MIRM
Manipal Institute of Regenerative Medicine: Offering Multi-disciplinary Research Studies
Researchers have always vouched on the efficacy of stem cell therapy. Though stem cell therapy is being...