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24Genetics: Sustaining Health and Well-Being through Precise DNA Testing

24Genetics | Nacho Esteban
24Genetics | Nacho Esteban

Although there are multiple circumstances behind human diseases, hereditary fundamentals have made it up to the top in explaining why or predicting how people can preserve their health.

We as individuals walk around carrying a whole set of genes that reflect our family’s sociocultural and economic experiences. If these genes could predict our appearances and behavior at birth, then the next question that arises is—Do these genes also have the ability to predict our health? If they do, then it can be a breakthrough in assuring that humans would never catch diseases and live healthier.

For decades, human genetics has been studying how variation in a gene could contribute to variations in disease risk. And it has been concluded that genes do have a connection in predicting complex diseases such as Cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders, and psychiatric illness. They can also help us understand how these medical conditions turn out.

24Genetics is a leading DNA company that runs on this proven principle of genetics to help customers seek answers to questions like — “What diet will be better to lose weight?” or “How can I improve my sports performance?” and other hereditary factors that may define them. Based in Europe, the company runs under European Law, attaining the trust of thousands of customers from all over the world.

Through its DNA kit, customers can attain seven categories of information: Ancestory, Health, Nutrigenetics, Skin Care, Talent and Personality, Sports and Pharmacogenetics. However, they can also buy a single test online today and later order any other report.

Under the adept leadership of Nacho Esteban, CEO, the company has the most comprehensive DNA tests on the market. Unlike other tests, it has hundreds of sections on each category to ensure that the client attains full information about his/her genetics.

In addition, its DNA test runs on an algorithm that is much more advanced and two years ahead of any other DNA test in the market, making it reliable and worthy of the existing genetic science today.

In an interview with Insights Care, Nacho shared valuable facts highlighting the core operations that established 24Genetics as a prominent company in the healthcare industry.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please brief us about the company and its inception.

24Genetics is a European Biotechnology startup that currently operates in more than 100 countries. We are one of the biggest Direct to Customer (DTC) European Companies. We have the broadest variety of DNA DTC tests in the world, and they are considered to be the most comprehensive tests available on the market.

Kindly tell us about yourself and your journey as the CEO of 24Genetics.

I have 20 years of experience in leading companies such as IBM, Lenovo, Alcatel, and Samsung. I have been an entrepreneur since 2016, engaged with several projects mainly focused on technology, health, the internet, and globalization. At present, I am 100% dedicated to 24Genetics as its CEO.

What are the core values that the company stands by? What are its mission and vision statements?

Our purpose is to empower every person through scientific and personalized genetic information to make the best decisions for their good health and well-being.

What, in your opinion, are the key challenges in the healthcare sector? How is your company turning those challenges into opportunities?

Healthcare decisions are based on data plus knowledge. Computers with the right processes and algorithms can help health and wellness professionals make the best decisions quickly, giving better service and saving money. Our DNA tests are the first step in this direction. This is the biggest revolution this industry will have.

What are the key products and services offered by the company? How is it impacting the concerned demographic?

We have the following DNA tests: Health (prevention), Pharmacogenomics, Nutrigenomics, Sport, Skin, Personality, and Ancestry tests. With detailed information provided through each of these tests, our customers and their health and wellness providers can now make better decisions.

In which ways is the company adapting and including constant technological upgrades?

Our business is based on DNA science which is growing exponentially. We spend most of our revenue on R&D. Our Innovation Speed is our biggest competitive advantage.

As an experienced leader, what advice would you like to give to aspiring entrepreneurs and enthusiasts who wish to venture into the competitive industry that you are serving?

The life of the science industry is growing in so many directions that it is quite easy to identify a market need that can be covered much better than what is being done right now. In many cases, you don’t need money to do things better and faster. This is the best place to start.

What are the future goals of your company and how has it envisioned to scale its operations and reach in 2022 and beyond?

We want to increase our presence in the US. In terms of sales, of course, but above all, we want to be part of the entire American biotech ecosystem. We want to move part of the management to Boston and continue developing relationships with universities, multinationals in the sector, and investors in the US.

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