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3 Signs, according to experts, show that you are ignoring your brain health

3 Signs, according to experts, show that you are ignoring your brain health

As long as our brain, the body’s command center, seems to be working in order most of us don’t pay much attention to brain health. However, according to the experts, it’s time that people start putting proactive efforts towards their brain health.

The major reason being the rise in medical issues such as dementia. By 2050, the number of people suffering from dementia is expected to triple. Although there is no cure for dementia as of now, several studies have found that proactively taking some actions can keep your brain healthy.

According to experts here are 5 things you might be doing that have been affecting your brain health.

Not getting enough sleep

When you are sleeping, your brain utilizes that time to self-cleans and eliminate protein and other toxins that can increase the risk of dementia. According to experts, adults should focus on both quantity and quality sleep as it impacts our day-to-day thinking, mood, and memory. Experts suggest adults should get 7-9 hours of quality sleep every night.

Skipping exercise

One of the major reasons for the increased risk of dementia in today’s sedentary lifestyle. So, not exercising regularly can not only affect your waistline or heart health but also increase the risk of dementia. According to the experts, exercising 30-60 minutes three to five times a week can significantly improve brain health.

Not eating brain-healthy food

Studies in the past couple of years have proved that ‘brain food’ is not a myth. The studies have shown that regular consumption of foods rich in certain antioxidants and neuroprotective compounds helps improve brain health.

Moreover, consuming flavonoid-rich foods such as green leafy vegetables, berries, tea, citrus fruits, and dark chocolate helps lower the risk of Alzheimer’s disease as flavonoids help protect the brain from injury.



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