5 Most Empowering Women Leaders in MedTech Industry in 2022

Maria Nyakern: Empowering the MedTech Sector with Efficient Clinical Research
The current tide of the digital revolution is directed by technology, guiding every sector and carving a world filled with better opportunities. Amongst many, the healthcare segment is also flourished with a cluster of advantages that are technology-mediated. In this list, the first beneficiary is the...

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Abilitech Medical Inc | Angie Conley
Angie Conley: Bridging Healthcare with Technology Leadership
Shoulder pain. Arm weakness. Elbow joint deficiency. Upper extremity disabilities are not only major...
DIVE Medical | Mabel Gimeno
Mabel Gimeno: Transforming the Methods for Early Eyecare with Innovative Tech Solutions
What if questions were not asked? What if the existing challenges were not solved? And what if the world...


Sons are more important than daughters
SONS ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN DAUGHTERS - A baseless ideology slowly fading away.
By Nancy (Chinelo) Udenka on International Day of the Girl Child, October 11th In most parts of the world,...