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6 Best Insights for Successful Healthcare Marketing – how to attract, convert and retain a loyal healthcare clientele in 2023

Successful Healthcare Marketing

SEO Keywords are to Digital Marketing what Geographical Positioning is to Traditional Marketing. Everyone follows what works for them. When it comes to Health Care Marketing, positioning is very critical, which means, finding out where your target audience is sitting and in their volumes; this requires you to understand whether it is via Digital media or Offline Traditional media that will work best.

  • If you do Digital media positioning correctly, your little expenditure for cost per click (CPC) will help to achieve maximum return on your digital marketing investment. And your magazines, books, articles, and newsletters will be the favoirte read on Amazon KDP, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the top 1 Google search results for Healthcare Marketing.
  • If you do Traditional market positioning correctly, your magazines, books, novels, textbooks, die-cut sticker, and newspapers will be the favorite in various libraries, offices, airports, and even in schools.

Intentional Connection for Better Healthcare Marketing:

The only difficulty one may face in healthcare marketing is mistaking random followers on social media for valuable connections. You need to be intentional when you are connecting with healthcare brands. You can reach out to the marketing managers, vice presidents, public relations or finally the Chief Executive Officer of the healthcare company that you are intending to connect with.

The percentage (%) of returns you gain when you are intentional about making the right connection with relevant people in the healthcare industry is directly proportional to your clarity of purpose and understanding of what your brand stands for and the services you offer; this has higher possibility to increase your accessibility to your most valuable audience, for better growth and it offers a great return on investment.

Insights №1: Establish High Marketing Integrity and Agile Quality Control

If you promise product A, please deliver product A, in the time and cost agreed. If you offer paracetamol tablets, make connections with paracetamol manufacturers, gym instructors, vocalists, dancers, adventurers, etc., who may be prone to body pains and headaches, so you can sell your products direct to your consumers, which is the end goal of marketing.

Case Study: Insights Care Magazine – Best Healthcare Magazine

Insights Care Awarded: Best HealthCare Magazine, globally! By Feedspot

Amongst a good number of top magazine companies in the world, we will look at Insights Care Magazine, listed in the “Top 20 Healthcare Magazines & Publications To Follow in 2022,” according to Feedspot published on August 19, 2022 — Insights Care is a Best Healthcare Magazine in the world. Which provides Online Healthcare news & updates. It is your Journal for Everything Credible and Premium about Healthcare. They offer yearly branding campaigns where you can share your success stories, newsletters, press release, and every important announcement, advertisement, and service globally.

The team at Insights Care has narrowed down their chase of the target audience to only the relevant quality leads by using the best market research techniques, and consultations, and infusing enough resources to ensure their publication gets to the right doors, even COVID-19 could not stop it. They deliver quality content, on time in a cost-effective way. Their editorial contents are excellent and the customer relationship management is top-notch; customers always go home smiling!

Insights Care Magazine is making healthcare knowledge easy to understand and available to everyone through Digital media and Print magazine publications. These two channels can be further elaborated as

Digital Media such as

Print Magazine Publication example

Issue: 10 Best Performing Hospitals of 2022

Digital Magazine Link:

Insights №2: Work with high numbers for better marketing results – Numbers Will Prove You Right

Over 400K healthcare leaders depend on Insights Care for credible, well-researched, and record-proven healthcare news, blogs, and articles. They distribute hard copies to over 120K destinations across the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, APAC, and Africa, while maintaining tangible digital magazine link circulation of about 240K direct to the subscribers.

It gives great joy and fulfilment when you move from 1 to 2 then 320, back to 0.00, then jump to over 1 million scores. At this point, the number of years it took you to achieve the great milestone will no longer matter, rather it will count as a rudiment to help you count your blessings one by one.

Insights Care making it to Top 20 Healthcare Magazines & Publications by Feedspot, was made possible by the right digital media positioning. They made themselves available, and are able to be seen through the right channels, hence they landed on one of the most popular platforms – Feedspot; a leading platform that keeps track of a variety of information. It is an RSS reader that allows the audience to read about anything and everything at one location. Feedspot helps publishers in getting new and targeted visitors and helps users in promoting content on its platform.

Feedspot is followed by more than 1 million + users and readers. Insights Care is leveraging the high numbers on Feedspot and giving back to the platform a rich network of healthcare readers including the C-level Executives, Doctors, Nurses, Therapists, Orthopaedic Doctors, General Physicians Doctors, Paediatricians, Therapists (Mental Health Advocates) and many more

Insights №3: Achieve Success with – Digital Media Positioning!

The digital marketing team at Insights Care has mastered the art of positioning, and pinpointing the right destination, where its readers are digitally and physically present and waiting to read something professional and informative. Be it on social media, other magazines, newspapers, schools, libraries, airports, or business summits they go there to find out what is trending and relevant to the people and innovate around it to develop something great for its subscribers. Insights Care Magazine – They are better than most, if not all!

Digital Marketing Positioning leverages searchability and optimized SEO keywords such as Artificial Intelligence. Internet of Medical Things. Telemedicine. Big Data & Analytics. Immersive Technology. Mobile Health. 3D Printing. Cloud Computing. Chefs. Food Engineering. Animal Advocacy. united healthcare, health, Obamacare, health insurance, home insurance, affordable care act, medical insurance, united healthcare online, private health insurance, Gilead Science. health insurance companies, cheap health insurance, health insurance plans, health insurance quotes, affordable health insurance, humana health insurance, health care plans, universal health care, medical care, compare health insurance, healthcare management, cigna health insurance, ehealthinsurance,

Insights №4: Be Your Own Brand Ambassador — Natural Insulin Substitute Marketing Strategy

To win in the healthcare market, like other markets, you must learn to use your natural insulin substitute sometimes, and not fix your head around a static popular opinion that ends up being artificial –unfounded- opinions.

Healthcare Influencers can be catalysts to brand growth, as much as bootstrapping with patience can also make you one of the influencers. Learn to sync with trends, and also work on becoming the trendsetter — be your own brand ambassador.

Be Dynamic – and Innovative but don’t follow the crowd

For Example: Just like Synct app, which specializes in Syncing Patients and Physicians offering efficient Care while making medical care an Office Optional service. You now have a choice to either stay at home and render your medical service or you can simply do the same using your virtual tools and systems; and still get the same or even better result.

The word is “Optional” … Making certain marketing propositions and patterns optional will give you the room to devise a means to become your own brand ambassador, influencer, and marketer.

Insights №5: Partner with credible brands – Customers Turn Partner brings great results than searching for new customers on a daily

Collaborate with brands that bring great value to your marketing needs and niche, such as those highlighted below –

FashionBalenciaga, Nike, Ye, Gucci, Prada, Moncler, Fendi, Valentino, Saint Laurent, FENDI, HOUSE OF VERSACE, BURBERRY, RALPH LAUREN, CHANEL, PRADA.
Mental HealthMeditopia, NUE Life Health, GIV Society Ethiopia, Fruition Consultant (K) Limited, Elemy, Spring Health, Meru Health, Wysa, MindClan
TherapeuticsSanofi, Cargill, AbbVie Inc, 360Medlink, Omcare, Rubius Therapeutics
NutraceuticalAlpex Pharma, Bionova Lifesciences, Chaitanya Agrobiotech group, Lactonova Nutripharm, Sydler, Zeon Lifesciences Limited, Neiss Wellness (India) Ltd., KD Chem-Pharma, Agati Healthcare Pvt Ltd.
PharmaceuticalPaxter Lifesciences, AAH by Celesio, Abbott, AbbVie, Biovest, Chemidex.
Diversity and InclusionMicrosoft, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Sodexo, Johnson & Johnson,

Mastercard, Nayak Mines and Minerals, Kaiser Permanente, Dangote, UBA, L’Oréal, Lenovo, HP, IBM, Apple, Tesla.

HospitalsMayo Clinic, Medcare Hospital Al Safa, Cleveland Clinic, Massachusetts General Hospital, Charité, Aster DM Healthcare, Centre Medical de Botour, The Johns Hopkins Hospital, Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Amerita Hospital, Orange Hospital, Apollo Hospitals, Fortis, Singapore General Hospital, Sheba Medical Center.
InsuranceCigna health insurance, United Healthcare insurance, Aetna health insurance, Humana health insurance.


Insights №6: Healthcare Marketing is about being Stable in your promises

Stability in healthcare marketing comes when you take notes and care of events that you encounter on your way up and down, then use them to stitch a comfortable path that smoothens all the rugged impediments to your success. At this point, nothing surprises you anymore, you have seen it all, felt it, and are ready to market your ideas like a crazy owl who circles her head to gain her owner’s attention at all costs.

The lessons from your experiences, are what helps you to understand the importance of integrity, and the role that keeping promises plays in smoothening the path to your success.

So, sell the actual product that you are marketing, and a better version of it physically; A blue pen on your TV ad should be the same blue pen in your shopping outlet when the consumer arrives. That is another phase of stability and integrity.

Your defined mission and purpose are your outstanding strength of stability that will help you transpose any roadblock situation in your growth hacking process into an amazing success story. At the time of defining your mission and purpose, ensure to make them a righteous one; that is aimed at helping the people rather than milking the sheep.

Quote – Some brands pop up and wade off because they planned to sing in a market where people came to dance. (by Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo)

4 Do Nots, in Healthcare Marketing

  1. Do not be scared of hearing No from your most convincing, potential clients.
  2. Neither should you be shaken about going up and falling back in your marketing journey, some days will come, when no one will visit your brand, use that day for rejuvenating rather than regretting. Be scared when you do not even try to make a move in the right direction.
  3. Above all, never you feel like an overlord when you start achieving that success in your marketing game rather be more humble and ready to learn.
  4. Do not be carried away by social referencing or comparing your brand with other brands, because you will end up being like a child going through a development cycle over and over again, without a sense of maturity in life.

Uniqueness is a preferred Selling point; identify, amplify, and put yours to good use. –Chidiebere Moses Ogbodo, Editor-in-Chief at Insights Success Magazine.

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