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A latest study shows that exercising improves the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine

Exercising improves the effect of the COVID-19 vaccine

Amidst the rising cases and death meters across the world due to the second wave of coronavirus, COVID vaccines have brought hope of controlling and gradually reducing the pandemic effect to null.

As several countries have been diligently following vaccination drives to immunize their citizens against the effect of COVID-19, doctors are recommending still taking precautions. It is public knowledge that a healthy diet and regular physical activity are among the most effective ways to prevent and manage chronic diseases by improving the person’s immunity.

Now, the latest systematic study published in SpringerLink shows the effect of regular physical activity on vaccination. The study was specifically conducted to see the effect of regular physical activity relating to the risk of falling ill and a person’s demise due to infectious diseases such as pneumonia, which has been among the major reasons for death from COVID-19.

The results show that individuals who work out 30 minutes a day for five days a week have a 37% reduced risk of falling ill and dying by infectious disease. Moreover, the study also shows that a physically active person is 50% more likely to have a higher antibody count after vaccination than a physically inactive individual.



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