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A Quick Guide to Small Group Personal Training

Personal Training

Do you have a revolutionary approach to staying fit that you want to share with your community?

Many people are conducting small group personal training sessions in person and online. Working with smaller groups can give you more control as an instructor, which will help each of your clients in the end. With fewer people in the class, clients receive better fitness coaching and customizations. If you want to become a personal trainer, there are a few things that’ll contribute to your success. Take a look at some of the factors below!

Start with a Plan

Before you can start doing small group personal training, you need to decide on your specialty.

You have a few options to select from; some that are equipment-based, outcome-based, and technique-based. Depending on what you choose to teach, you will fall into one of these categories. Weight training, yoga, and cycling training classes have been some of the most popular in recent years.

If you’re focused on making money, you should consider which training isn’t available in your area. You will also want to establish a small group coaching system unique to your brand.

Find Interested Clients

Fewer than 50% of American adults meet the daily physical activity guidelines set by the CDC.

There are plenty of potential clients, but you need to tap into the right audience to help them commit. When you help clients see the benefits of your small group training, they will be open to hearing more about your courses. Instead of walking up to people at your local gym, you can post print ads or use social media.

As you build your reputation with completed courses, it’ll become more natural to fill openings. Push through the beginning hurdles of barely filled classes, you never know when the word will spread!

Rent a Room

Unless you’re planning to do courses at home or in front of the computer, you’ll need a place to meet up.

Most gyms and rec centers rent out spaces to fitness coaches and trainers. You can check the available options in your area. After building a reputation, you might even be able to teach regular courses at the gym or other fitness facilities.

Complete Your Certification

Most states require personal trainers to complete a certification course.

If you are prepared to make your business plan official, take a look at all the certifications on ASFA. Once you pay your licensing fee and take a test that’s geared toward your specialty, you can start teaching. It’s also a good idea to read about other laws that pertain to operating a business from home or other property.

Start Small Group Personal Training Today

One-on-one sessions can be intimidating, while large group training can seem impersonal.

Starting a small group personal training course can help you start a fitness career and help those around you. Depending on what you want to specialize in, you can work with bodybuilders, athletes, or people wanting to improve their health.

If you want to learn more about starting your new business, take a look at our blog!



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