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Abdali Hospital: Improving Quality of Healthcare through a Patient-Centric Approach

Abdali Hospital

The healthcare industry is growing at an exponential rate and technology is acting as a catalyst for it. This is leading to various developments in the healthcare space. However, many times, hospitals face problems such as a shortage in funding, shortage of physicians and nurses, meeting the regulatory demands, etc. It is also well-known that the types of equipment and machinery used at a hospital are quite expensive which is a huge hurdle in the path to provide quality healthcare.

However, there are few hospitals and healthcare research institutes that have mastered the art of balancing the funding and providing the best quality of healthcare like Abdali Hospital.

A 200-bed multi-specialty hospital, Abdali Hospital is on a mission to provide the best practice patientcentered care and promote research and education. The hospital benefits from the knowledge and expertise of the Middle East’s finest medical professionals.

Abdali Hospital’s goal is to improve the health of the community. The hospital aims to set a new standard of excellence in medicine by providing inclusive medical care to prevent, diagnose, manage, and treat health problems.

The hospital promotes medical research and education. At the core of the center’s operations is an uncompromising adherence to integrity and a firm belief that every human being deserves to live their best life. At Abdali Hospital, exceptional healthcare is more than cutting-edge facilities and advanced technologies; it’s about integrity, quality, compassion, collaboration, and accountability at every step on the way.

Providing Comprehensive Solutions 

Abdali Hospital strives to deliver exceptional care to patients across its wide range of medical specialties including:

Cardiovascular care which encompasses cardiology, as well as cardiac, vascular, and thoracic surgeries, gastrointestinal care, colorectal surgery, orthopedics and rheumatology, general and bariatric surgery, and a breast and women’s health center. Apart from these, the hospital offers a wide range of services. To know more, visit:

The hospital has comprehensive diagnostic services including all modalities of radiology from the latest PET to CT scans as well as a progressive Pathology and Laboratory Department.

Abdali Hospital’s multidisciplinary teams provide an extensive range of preventative and complementary services such as: dietetics, rehabilitation and physical medicine and smoke cessation programs. It also provides a range of Health Assessments for early screening and detection of issues and advises patients on a healthier lifestyle.

Abdali Hospital’s Emergency Department (ER) provides the best practices for consistent quality care. The hospital follows the latest guidelines and protocols. Its physicians, specifically trained in Emergency Medicine take care of patients, together with specialist doctors. At Abdali Hospital’s trauma center, specialist surgeons are always on-call.

The Family Legacy

The origin of the hospital dates back to July 2019, when the Abu Ghazaleh family laid its foundation stone. The family is renowned for establishing and operating successful businesses globally. The family has established itself as a successful leader in the healthcare sector by founding Clemenceau Medical Center (CMC). The Center has been running for 12 years, undergoing five expansions since its inception. Today, it is considered as one of the top private hospitals in the Middle East.

The Abu Ghazaleh philanthropic work touches on many aspects of social importance from education to art, through the Mohamed and Mahera Abu Ghazaleh Foundation (MAAG). The family is dedicated to investing and promote excellent healthcare, education and research across the Middle East.

The Three Pillars Abdali Hospital has three main differentiating factors that make it standout from the rest:

  1. Model of Care: It focuses on having different subspecialists in structured departments working together as a team. These departments, led by top specialist doctors, follow the latest evidence-based protocols and focus on measuring and publishing outcomes.
  2. Patient Experience: This factor focuses on making the patient journey as smooth as possible. All processes and systems are designed to support patient services. In addition to a caring environment, the hospital incorporates best practices in healthcare design. For international patients, all aspects of the patient’s journey, starting from obtaining visas, organizing transport, family accommodation to coordinating with doctors back to their home is efficiently carried out.
  3. Technology and Innovation: Abdali Hospital has integrated the latest medical equipment as well as IT systems. It has resulted in making it the first paperless hospital in Jordan. The Hospital has implemented an Electronic Medical Records System that supports systematic documentation of patient’s medical conditions and treatments. It underpins efficiency, patient safety and experience, as well as future research.

Taking Leap towards New Horizon

In the near future, the hospital strives to create over 1,200 jobs, half of which will be for female employees. In the short term, its goal is to continue the expansion of its core departments and set up new medical services.

Furthermore, with its quality care, the hospital aims to become a beacon and set a benchmark for exceptional care across the region.



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