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Acclimating the Technical Fluctuations with the Altering Healthcare Industry

20 Leading HealthCare Solution Provider | Insights Care

Martin Luther King’s famous “I have a dream” speech — “I say to you today, my friends, so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow, I still have a dream. It is a dream deeply rooted in the American dream,” — can easily be applied to our healthcare industry today. Every doctor healthcare professional has a dream — affordable healthcare in the communities in which we live. Everyone needs it, and we all dream regularly about our own well-being.

As we watch the quantity of intense care beds recoil, facilities offering elective administrations, for example, recovery, subacute and intense long-haul mind, assisted living and hospice are growing. This ascent in acuity and intricacy in the post-intense care condition is crushing out the group healing facilities in our neighborhoods. Community hospitals must build up a vital position and adopt the progressions that need to happen.

It is basic that each medicinal services supplier understands the healthcare landscape has totally changed. Clinical skills and administrations alone won’t see us through this new worldview. We should concentrate on enhancing the health outcomes, and the dissemination of such results, through quality change, enhanced work processes and frameworks of care inside the groups we serve.

Insights Care is honored to present “The 20 Leading Healthcare Solution Providers 2017” which are adapting novel technologies to meet and exceed the health care standard.

We have, on our cover, Validic a cloud-based platform and the market leader in health data connectivity that provides healthcare organizations access to personal health data, gathered from FDA-listed in-home medical devices, wearables and healthcare apps. Led by company’s CEO and co-founder, Drew Schiller, Validic serves as a technical partner and strategic advisor, guiding its clients through digital health data integration and innovation. At Validic, Drew leads corporate strategy, drives key initiatives and works closely with senior executives at partner organizations to stay ahead of the technology curve. He believes that digital health will reshape healthcare.

After a thorough research, Insights Care has shortlisted CoreHealth Technologies — a ground breaking all-in-one Corporate Wellness Platform, which offers its customers total control. Since foundation, CoreHealth has become the leading corporate wellness platform trusted by over 1,000 organizations. We have Somerset, New Jersey-based MTBC (Medical Transcription Billing, Corp.) which is assisting health care providers and professionals throughout the United States and succeeding with the highest quality of electronic record management and practice management systems. MedInformatix, the Los Angeles-based company known for its enterprise practice management, electronic health records and radiology information systems solutions; for helping lead the way and increasingly developing a reputation for offering some of the most highly customizable and scalable solutions in the marketplace. Additionally, we have Permobil a leading global company of advanced rehab technology, shortlisted for working hard to ameliorate human lives with a strong focus on improving the daily lives of people with disabilities; along with Vee Technologies which has been ahead of the curve and has outpaced changing market scenarios, by integrating healthcare analytics, Clinical documentation improvement (CDI), Robotic Process Automation (RPA), and Revenue Cycle Management with services offerings for organizations. Finally, we have awarded Vocera Communications, Inc., for simplifying communication and improving healthcare experiences for patients, families and care teams, while enhancing quality of care, safety and operational efficiency.

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