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According to a Study, A Covid-19 Infection provides Strong Safety Guard Against Reinfection for about 10 Months


According to a new study, your immune system can provide reasonable protection against symptomatic illness for ten months after a Covid-19 infection, and the risk of disease is even low.


The Institute for Health Metrics and COVID-19 Evaluation Forecasting Team researchers claim their study is the most significant review of available data on the subject to date. The study published in The Lancet on Thursday is a meta-analysis of 65 studies from 19 countries. The study discovered that ten months after Covid-19 infection, immunity appears to be potent against all variants of the coronavirus. “At ten months, there is nearly 90% protection against severe disease and death.”

Director of the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, sDr. Chris Murray, “Most of the world has had Omicron. It implies that there’s a lot of immunity out there.” According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States continues to see more than 40,000 new Covid-19 cases daily.

Unlike other viral infections such as measles or chickenpox, Covid-19 immunity does not last forever. According to Murray, even people with natural immunity are advised to get an annual Covid-19 booster. However, with innate immunity lasting as long as it does, he says people probably don’t need a shot more than once a year.

Final Note

The researchers discovered that people who became ill with any pre-Omicron version of the coronavirus had significantly reduced protection against BA infection. At ten months after infection, only 36% of Omicron subvariants were present.

More research will be required to learn about the later variants, but Murray believes that protection should be comparable. However, he emphasizes that the findings do not imply that people should forego a recommended vaccine or booster. “Vaccination is the safest way to get immunity,” Murray says.

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