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According to a Study, Schizophrenia Affects 7% of Mentally Sick Indians



The Agra Mental Asylum, officially known as the Institute of Mental Health and Hospital, was founded in 1859 and is India’s oldest and largest mental health facility. The institution, which is spread across 172.8 acres of magnificent land, is a well-known center for treatment, training, and research on mental diseases in Northern India.

According to a study of mental patients who come to the center for treatment, roughly 7% of Indians with mental problems suffer from schizophrenia in varying degrees of severity.

Dr. Dinesh Rathore, the hospital’s Superintendent, told India Today that schizophrenia is diagnosed when a patient begins to act erratically, such as expressing danger to his own family, forming grand plans in the air, etc.

Every day, he claimed, between 200-250 mental patients arrive in the hospital’s outpatient department, where roughly 7% of those aged 25 to 30 are diagnosed with schizophrenia in varying degrees of severity. Despite the low prevalence of schizophrenia among mental disorders, it is critical to raise public awareness about the disorder, which is why May 24 is designated as International Schizophrenia Day.



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