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According to a Study, UV Nail Dryers Being Used in Gel Manicures Could Increase the Risk of Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer

Gel manicures have been a part of the beauty routine since the beginning of nail procedures. Jasko, Miss Illinois, who competed in the Miss USA pageant, survived melanoma and believes using UV nail dryers while getting gel manicures may have contributed to her diagnosis.

A Quick Overview

Jasko frequently used UV dryers to create a longer-lasting nail cover. “Simply having regular nail polish will not suffice. It might not last as long as you would like. It might not look as lovely as you would like.” She explained why she got gel manicures.

This case prompted University of California, San Diego researchers to investigate the potential dangers of UV dryers that use ultraviolet lights to “cure” gel nails. A “first-of-its-kind” study discovered that UV dryers do, in fact, damage cells and cause mutations seen in skin cancer.

The case inspired researchers such as Maria Zhivagui to start the study. A 20-minute exposure to the UV dryers resulted in 20 to 30% of the cells dying, while three consecutive 20-minute sessions resulted in 65 to 70% passing.

The study findings are being “reviewed” by the Food and Drug Administration. However, its current advice is that “nail curing lamps are low risk when used as directed.”

Jasko’s cancer was completely eradicated. She has since advocated for skin cancer awareness and recognizes how fortunate she was to have hers detected early. “I don’t have my thumbnail right now, but I could have lost my thumb. I might have lost my hand, “She stated. “Things could have been so much worse.”

Final Note

Piliang advises those who get a gel manicure to take certain precautions, such as wearing UV protective gloves, which can help prevent ultraviolet light from reaching their skin, and wearing sunscreen on their hands.

Brown, black, blue, or red spots on your hand are considered hallmark signs of cancer by doctors. It could resemble a bruise under the nail or on the cuticle.



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