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According to research, COVID-19 transmission from mothers to babies in the womb causes brain damage


The 2 babies were born to different mothers in Holtz Children’s Hospital at the University of Miami, Jackson Memorial Medical Center’s Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Neither baby had a positive virus test at birth, but they did have high levels of COVID-19 antibodies.

Study Reveals

The University of Miami said in a press release that the infants had seizures, developmental delays, and small heads after birth. 13 months later, one of the infants passed away. The study, carried out by the University of Miami, researchers, was published in the Pediatrics journal on April 6.

As per the review, a 21-year-elderly person conveyed her child through a cesarean segment at 32 weeks after ending up being wiped out at the 27-week point. During her second trimester, she received a positive COVID-19 test result.

The other woman, who is 20 years old, also tested positive for COVID-19 in the second trimester, but she also tried positive 39 weeks after giving birth via vaginal birth. Before COVID-19 vaccines were available, both cases occurred during the height of the delta variant’s widespread spread.

Previous studies found a link between an increase in the number of moderate-to-severe cases of COVID-19 and an increase in the number of pregnancy complications, such as preterm birth and newborn death.

Expert Opinion

Dr. Merline Benny, the paper’s first author and Assistant professor of Pediatrics at the university, stated, “We need TO continue research to figure out the cause for why these two babies experienced devastating results.” We can develop the most effective interventions once we completely understand the causes.

The scientists suggest pregnant ladies become inoculated as a first safeguard against difficult sickness.

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