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Add-on Scans and Labs: Offering Wide-ranging Premium Diagnostics Services

Diagnostics Services

Growing trend of evidence-based medicine, health awareness, growing population and affordability are the major factors driving the diagnostics industry in India. The increasing awareness towards preventive health care check-ups is also adding to the growth of diagnostics market. Acknowledging this, the industry players are contributing for a better tomorrow by offering prominent healthcare solutions at an affordable cost. They are playing a vital role in meeting the quality-needs of Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities and delivering innovative radiology and laboratory solutions.

Established in 2016, Add-on Scans and Labs is an NABH (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories) accredited lab, currently operating at Sarjapur road, South Bengaluru with a team of thirty professional employees. The lab primarily focuses on Radiology, Laboratory and Health checks. Its sheer dedication and unified efforts has helped it to expand its territory from 2000 sq. ft. to 5500 sq. ft. in just a short span of two years. Add-on Scans and Labs is an ISO 9001-2015 certified stand-alone diagnostics centre set up to cater the Medical Diagnostics need of the community.

Over the years, the lab has achieved various milestones of which one is to be listed amongst India’s most promising top 10 diagnostics in 2017 by a renowned national magazine. Add on scans and labs is highest rated diagnostics centre in Bangalore (Google ratings is 4.5 star). Every month 30000- 40000 Google search is done for the company.

The Leaders Holding the Reins

Dr. Sunil Kumar G S is the Co-Founder, CEO, and Chief Consultant Radiologist of Add-on Scans and Labs. With an experience of fifteen years in the medical field, he spearheads the lab with immense knowledge and skills in Radiology. He is a university rank holder in MD Radio diagnosis and fellow of Royal college of Radiology and Imaging Services. Dr. Sunil has worked with major corporate hospitals and also has experience in emergency tele radiology at USA and Singapore hospitals. His main interest is in the field of Ultrasonography and Cross Sectional Imaging. He has delivered lectures in Continuous Medical Education (CME) and appeared in various health talks on TV.

Dr. Sunil is committed to clinical excellence and delivering reliable reports which helps in proper treatment. He is passionate about health care and ambitious to set up largest healthcare system in India which will be known for ethical medical practices and delivering compassionate healthcare at an affordable cost.

Another important persona who helped in building the foundation of the lab is Sharadhi Suresh, Co-Founder and Managing Director. Being a science graduate(BE) and MBA(HR), she has a significant experience of working as an HR in one of the major life science MNC. She has been instrumental in designing the infrastructure and setting the benchmark of Add-on Scans and Labs in its sector. Sharadhi’s vision is to set up a dominant brand in healthcare industry which provides quality services maintaining the ethical standards at value price.

Trending Scenario of the Diagnostics Industry

The technology advancements are impacting the age-old conventional diagnostics practices and transforming the healthcare space for better. The increased affordability has resulted in more people opting for home health services, be it diagnostics or therapeutic. Healthcare researchers are conducting clinical trials for the development of diagnostic devices, which are easy to operate and diagnose critical diseases. Artificial intelligence is progressing in the field of the radiology and imaging. It is reducing human error in reporting and also filling the loopholes of scarcity of radiologists worldwide.

Molecular diagnostics is witnessing revolutionary progress in human genomics in terms of diagnosing and treating diseases. More awareness is created among doctors as well as patients especially in setting of some inherited diseases. This empowers appropriate treatment by detecting specific therapeutic targets of tailored drugs. Rapid diagnostic methods have increased the demand for point-of-care solutions which impacts the outcome of treatment in timely manner. Point-of-care technology is allowing doctors and health care providers to accurately achieve real-time reports anywhere such as home, office, and in hospitals. At present, glucose monitoring devices are holding a major share of the market with the growing number of diabetic patients globally. Additionally, other prescription-based testing kits are also holding a majority share in the healthcare market.

About Add-on Scans and Labs – Past and Present

At the initial days, there were only Radiology (Ultrasonography & Medical X ray), Laboratory services and health check services were into operation. Later on, other allied diagnostics tests like Pulmonary Function Test (PFT), Dental X ray and Speciality consultations like Obstetrics & Gynaecology, Pediatrics, Physiotherapy and Cardiology and Skin specialists were added to the service web of Add-on Scans and Labs. Also, managing the man power, patients and coping-up with competition was not an easy task. However, the lab which was performing 1000 ultrasound scans per month at its inception, is now performing 2000 ultrasound scans per month due to its quality-service and reduced turnaround time.

Today, with continuous ongoing training programs for the employees including doctors, the lab offers impeccable human-driven services to its customers. The lab stands tall with its vision, mission and values by delivering quality services at affordable cost. It has successfully manufactured medical equipment from various renowned industry leaders resulting in easy and reliable installations of the equipment. It has continuous feedback mechanism from the doctors regarding quality of reports. The lab specializes in Ultrasound scans, Color Doppler Scans, 3D & 4D Scans, Digital Medical X ray, ECG, 2D Echo cardiogram, Tread Mill Test, Comprehensive Laboratory Services and 10 different Tailor-made Health Check Packages. Other interventional procedures include Ultrasound-guided Biopsies and Fine needle aspirations for cancers. Delivering personalized solutions is the USP of the lab. For comforting the female patients, the lab has female doctors and para medical staff.

Add-on Scans and Labs also provide infertility evaluation like Hystero Salphingogram to check patency of fallopian tubes. The minor surgical procedures include Injections, Dressing, and Copper T Insertion. The lab also focuses on cosmetic procedures like Radio Frequency Ablation, Corn/Wart Removal and Autologous Serum Therapy for hair root. Currently, the lab has a strong presence on the online portals and its curated set of services consist of all kinds of vaccinations available for children and adults. Furthermore, it also deals with the home sample collection for blood tests and has a dedicated mobile app to track all the results in one click.

Another Side of the Lab

Add-on Scans and labs have taken social responsibility to help children in orphanages. It has a community outreach project called Lending Hands and Healthy Kids, in which a team of specialist doctors like pediatricians, physicians and dermatologists visit orphanages to perform periodic health checkups and provide medicines, deliver talks on health and hygiene. Till now, 400 children of eight orphanages are benefitted from this programme. Another social initiative as well as mission of the lab is to set up library in remote villages to inculcate the reading habits in children, youth and adults. Prior to this, a lot of second opinions are sought for radiology reports in Add-on Scans and labs.

The Core Competencies

Focusing mainly on building customers base and capturing the market, Add-on Scans and Lab’s unique framework of capabilities comprises:

Starting at 7.30 am – The lab opens as early as 7.30 am for 365 days to deliver its novel services. This is of great help to office goers so that they can finish the tests earlier.

Rapid Turn Around Time (TAT) – Add-on’s TAT for scan reports is very less. Customers can collect the scan reports within 5 minutes after finishing the scan. Its well-defined time line for report dispatch for every test is what makes it a unique diagnostics centre.

Ambience – Add-on Scans and Labs has a best-in-class ambience with light ventilation in abundance, which gives positive vibes. It has an eye-pleasing hospital environment with a play area specially customized for kids.

Fueling the Employee Engagements

Add-on Scans and Labs have a robust structure and system to help employees achieve their aspirations. Its twice a week mandatory training and development programme focuses mainly on developing soft skills like communication, etiquette and customer satisfaction. It conducts an everyday teach-to-learn programme for three minutes in every department to enhance the technical skill of the employee. The lab organizes interesting culture enhancement and team building activities once in a month. It honors its employees with best employee award for every month and year to motivate and bring the best out of them. The lab has established a one-to-one feedback system to build trust among its employees. There is also a committed colleague structure to hold accountability in each employee. Further, the performance appraisal is done regularly for employee development.

Future Goals

Add-on Scans and Labs aims to create 1000 employment by the end of 2021. It is expanding its operations every year and planning to set up ten diagnostic centers in next three years. It is on its way to extend its services to other parts of India. With the same dedication and commitment, Add-on Scans and Labs is growing with time to be the first choice and house hold name for diagnostics needs in Bengaluru in the near future.



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