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Alygence Solutions: The New Age Innovators in Revenue Cycle Management

Alygence Solutions
Alygence Solutions

The Healthcare industry is a big world with several functional departments associated with it. The finance, accounting, and billing operations got more simplified and categorized with the Revenue Cycle Management companies (RCM).

This development of the RCM category aimed to streamline the important finance functions through an integrated software system that primarily included patient data management, billing and payments, insurance procedures, monitoring-analysis, and control.

The RCM model is perceived to have benefited numerous healthcare organizations due to its single-roof revenue system simplifying the billing collection and tracking process as well. It has become an important bridge between the medical and accounting functions, seamlessly linking the medical operations, patient data, and other details.

One such professional organization that has made a mark in the healthcare industry through its unique and innovative RCM services is Alygence Solutions.

In a brief interview with Insights Care, Mr Zahid Inamdar, CEO and Founder, provided interesting and valuable information about the company’s role in RCM, highlighting its contributions in the healthcare industry and its vision ahead.

Please brief our audience on Alygence Solutions and how it is currently positioned as a trusted revenue cycle management organization?

Alygence Solutions is a healthcare company that offers revenue cycle management services to physicians, hospitals, and other service providers. We deliver the best medical and dental billing services with an accurate degree of medical coding with the help of our expert professionals. Our dedicated professionals are well-versed in relaxing the medical practitioners with the billing procedures and getting ample time to cure their patients.

From the viewpoint of our clients, our organization is currently positioned at the optimum price line with user-friendly billing solutions. We, as a team, provide healthcare professionals with greater certainty by answering all their questions.

Tell us more about your offerings, through which you have ascertained your stronghold within the industry.

Making a bastion for our organization within the healthcare industry is our greatest offering to the industry. We are serving our clients with an alluring billing service with integrity and passion. Modern technology of our billing software is developed in a way to ensure faster delivery of services to save time and money for our clients. Our company works with transparency to provide perfect satisfaction to the clients.

A never compromising approach to the quality of our service makes us stand as a pillar in the industry. We will deliver our best to the medical professionals and make their journey smoother. Our consistency allows us to achieve new heights by providing outstanding healthcare services in the United States.

Please tell us about yourself and shed light on your journey in the industry, highlighting your contribution to the company’s success.

 For the last ten years, I (Zahid Inamdar) have been in the US Healthcare domain for such a long time. I launched Alygence Solutions in 2019 with a vision of facilitating every client in the healthcare industry with the ease of billing. Serving the best for enhanced medical practices has been my motto. My journey with Alygence Solutions has been great so far.

I have contributed a lot of hard work in surpassing our clients’ expectations. Satisfying the medical industry with the immensely advanced technology of billing has been our priority. I have hired gemstones which are filled with great motivation to take the company to a higher level. These small steps of mine have contributed to the success of Alygence Solutions.

What are the biggest challenges you faced during the foundational years of the company? What are the most important lessons you have learned in your career so far?

 In the initial days of the company, every company must face some challenges, and so did I. Making your team stand to enable clients aware of our motto is the biggest challenge that I faced. To make a stand in the industry and survive in every circumstance is the lesson I have learned in my career so far. I believe that escaping from the situation is never a solution in hard times.

You must fight and stand like a pillar to have a successful journey in your career. Even though it has been tough for me in the initial days, I took a stand with my team members and faced all challenges with a smile.

COVID-19 proved to be the biggest disruptor since the Dot-com bubble. What tactics did you apply at your company to continue its operations and growth?

 Yes, COVID-19 has been a huge problem for each industry. We were also going through it. But as a team, we applied the required tactics to overcome the situation and continue rendering services to the healthcare industry. So, in the case of operations, we started working remotely, abiding by the safety norms.

If we talk about growth, we acquired whatever was needed to provide the services through tactics like Telehealth. We moved ahead and beyond the reach at the time of the pandemic, made clients happy, and ceased any disruption in our growth.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to be RCM services providers in the industry?

 My advice to the budding entrepreneurs would be that, even though you have nothing, and you have started a company, never be demotivated. Give your 100% to your company and continue providing the best services to your clients. The motto should be persistence. Sticking with your company and not letting yourself down will let your company slowly and gradually grow without any disruption.

How do you envision scaling Alygence Solution’s Operations and offerings in 2022 and beyond?

 In 2022 and beyond, we are trying to expand our horizons in the US across the state. We plan to build multiple offices in the state and make Alygence Solutions a helping hand for all healthcare providers. We are thinking of spreading more and more and becoming an easy-to-reach revenue cycle management company for all the healthcare providers in the state.

We will make the medical world get a smooth billing cycle without any hindrances. Creating a convenient platform for healthcare owners in terms of billing procedures would be our pleasure. We will offer upgraded software to our clients to have enhanced and satisfactory RCM without any disruptions.



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