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America Medic and Science: A Step Towards a Healthier Future

Moe Kaadan, COO  & Co-Founder of America Medic & Science.
America Medic & Science Moe Kaadan COO  & Co-Founder

Some decades ago, people visited the fast-food outlets to consume food without knowing its adverse effects on health. But in recent times, society has become more conscious about better health management. People are now taking care of their health and choosing their diet wisely. They have realized the importance of organic products and they are preferring organic products over their chemically influenced counterparts. Organic products are grown without the use of harmful chemical fertilizers. Hence, most diet-conscious people are swiftly adapting to organic dietary supplements.

On the other hand, with negligible side effects, organic products are in high demand. This demand has led to the growth of the organic food market. Looking at this booming sector, many companies launched their nutraceutical products (medicinally functional products).

One prominent name in that list is America Medic & Science (AMS). It is an American nutraceutical company established in 2007 that is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. AMS manufactures and distributes high-quality, organic natural products and dietary supplements for all individuals and age groups.

The visionary leader Moe Kaadan with a combined three decades of experience in pharmaceuticals has led the team to become known pioneers in the industry. Also, the dedication to producing high-quality products and providing cutting-edge innovation has allowed the company to rapidly expand its scope of business across all major continents and partner with the top global figures in the industry to deliver innovative products to consumers.


AMS aims to become the global trusted leader in the field of nutraceuticals. Talking about the company’s vision, Moe said, “We take pride in extending our hand to individuals of all ages with a health concern that we can address through quality, safe, organic nutritional supplements that complement a wide variety of lifestyles and diets. Together we can build a brighter, healthier future and work towards a better quality of life.”

From the Box

AMS has a wide range of supplements, but the company’s specialty is its Fertility line. It was developed to support men and women suffering from various infertility issues. The wide range of products within the line support different cases of infertility at different stages (before and during pregnancy, before and during IVF protocol).

Considering women, there are products for PCOS patients, for elderly women that want to conceive, for patients having trouble to keep the baby while pregnant, and women who would like to prepare for the IVF procedure.

Talking about men, the company provides products for general male infertility as well as infertility due to low sperm count or low sperm motility. The company’s fertility line products are clinically approved fertility supplements and are often recommended by physicians and healthcare professionals for optimal results.

Eminent Leader

Moe Kaadan is the inspiration behind the success of AMS. He has hands-on experience in leadership of a multitude of functions across innovation, science, regulatory, technical, business development, and marketing with a proven track record of driving corporate growth and revenue from concept through commercialization.

Moe said, “We saw a shift in the demand for our products in the immunity category, but our sales continued to grow. However, now we are back seeing fertility pick up again and sales of course is still growing.”

Role of AI

Although the potential for success is enormous, delivering business impact from AI initiatives takes much longer than anticipated. IT leaders responsible for AI are discovering ‘AI polo paradox,’ where launching pilots is deceptively easy but deploying them into a product is notoriously challenging. But all for all, once that is in the works, Moe believes the future of the nutraceutical solutions niches will evolve tremendously.

Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Talking about the future career options and the scope of growth in the sector, Moe shared his thoughts – “Research the market inside out – make sure you have something new to offer, something to improve on existing products and take time to make sure every aspect of your business is perfected!”

What lies on the Next Page?

AMS is looking to expand its services with new product launches. The company is currently in the process of developing new formulations with Ayurvedic ingredients that aren’t widely used or known about. AMS is making improvements in existing formulations and looking to make the brand more sustainable from where it is today. Moe said, “As the business continues to scale higher and higher, we are also planning to support various charities and find ways to incorporate this into our long-term plan in having one of our own.”


  • GMP Certification
  • Arab Health Award 2019: Selected from over 50,000 exhibitors as the “Best Space Only Booth of the Year” USA Pavilion



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