Asia’s 10 Most Pioneering Healthcare Solution Providers 2020

Thyrocare: Powering the Healthcare Engine with Automation
Medical diagnostics is at the centre of healthcare delivery. In recent years, much has been said about process improvement and automation and how can these approaches help medical diagnostic centres improve efficiency and cut costs. Equally significant is their ability to reduce the opportunity for medical...

Issue Profile

Dr. Han-Oh Park | Founder & President and CEO | Bioneer
Bioneer: A Compassionate and Trusted RNAi Therapy Provider
With the least amount of speculations and ambiguity, we can effortlessly say, “It is a good time to be...
Rajat Sharma | Founder & CEO | Cover2Protect
Cover2Protect: A Compassionate and Trusted Telehealth Provider
Technology has become a boon for healthcare. Using technology to provide quicker health interventions...
Dr. Eric Schulze | Lifetrack
Lifetrack Medical Systems: Making Healthcare Software Human
A Problem Worth Solving According to the World Health Organization, nearly two thirds of the world lack...
Dinesh Verma | V2U Healthcare
V2U Healthcare: Setting Benchmarks in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Care
Technology has made our lives easy. Don’t feel like cooking, get food delivered. Don’t feel like driving...
Mr. Kenneth Kee | CEO | Origin Integrated Studios
Origin Integrated Studios: Offering Conclusive Technical Solution For Healthcare
Over the years we have seen how technology has revolutionized the world and our daily lives. With the...


Charles Bark | HiNounou
Healthcare: The Future of Ageing
The world is aging rapidly. What challenges are we confronted with seeing the expansion of people’s...

Interview with InsightsCare

Dr. Tim Oldham | AdAlta
AdAlta: A New Paradigm of Therapeutic Antibodies
Bacteria, viruses and disease are an ever-present threat in our lives. However, due to our complex immune...

Cloud in Healthcare

Cloud technology | Healthcare
Cloud Technology Transforming Healthcare Sector
A massive shift has been witnessed in the generation, consumption, storage, and sharing of healthcare...