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Cover2Protect: A Compassionate and Trusted Telehealth Provider

Rajat Sharma | Founder & CEO | Cover2Protect

Technology has become a boon for healthcare. Using technology to provide quicker health interventions is soon going to become a norm. There have been areas in which telehealth has been able to help medical professionals. A number of healthcare professionals are providing tele consults and many such health related solutions.

Digitalization has allowed the patient to connect the healthcare system easily and conveniently in a way that has never been possible before. Its importance in countries such as India is that startup entrepreneurs are establishing new healthcare systems that are going to be based on digitalization.

A startup platform and convergence of digital world, modern medicine, and Ayurveda that is on a mission to transform the future of healthcare delivery around the globe is Cover2Protect(C2P).

The inspiration to start Cover2Protect was to make healthcare personalized. It strives to uphold the power of Modern medicine- a curative platform, and Traditional medicine- Ayurveda, which an age old preventive measure. 

Rendering Quality Medical Services

Cover2Protect believes the disease development phase which is medically divided into six stages requires different intervention approaches. And Ayurveda can prevent the first four stages i.e. Accumulation, aggravation, Spread, Localization. Whereas, the last two stages which is post diagnosis i.e. manifestation and complications, modern medicine is needed to cure it.

Cover2Protect was conceived in 2017 to help people through personalized healthcare. It is curated based upon the experiences of professionals from diverse backgrounds of medical, technology and insurance.

The Vital Pillars

The founders are from diverse background like Data Science, Medicine and Insurance. Rajat Sharma, the Founder & CEO, started C2P with the idea to build an AI platform to make healthcare more personalized. Rajat brings his 15 years of experience in building startups and growing business in APAC countries to the organization.

Co-founders, Dr. Prasanna Ganappa and Nishant Gupta have played a constructive role in building C2P a strong foundation what it is today. Dr Prasanna is skilled in the clinical field whereas Nishant is a seasoned entrepreneur having founded startups in Insurance and Healthcare.

Transparency in its Work 

The quality system adequately ensures the accuracy and integrity of data to support the safety, effectiveness, and quality of the services it delivers, and data on which it gives the personalized solutions.

The organization works closely with hospitals, doctors, Ministry of Health and other regulators to ensure they abide by the rules while attempting to disrupt the way healthcare industry works. For regulatory compliance C2P is been recognized and awarded by various bodies in healthcare, IOT and Artificial Intelligence space. It works with MNC insurance companies, hospitals and government bodies around various POCs to ensure that it has enough feedback to analyze the data.

The Artificial Intelligence powered health assessment platform generates a list of medical tests based on family and personal history. The android health applications are also a part of the platform to communicate health tips and follow up consultations.

Comprehensive Care

C2P is a platform that leverages AI and IOT and data models based on Ayurveda and modern medicine to provide a 360* view for ones personal health insights. It aims to utilize the data (past medical reports, HRA, Vatta-Pita-Kapha body type analysis. It examines the behavioral data ( calories and type of food or drinks consumed daily, activity, travelling etc.) and make health insights more personalized to every human body type.

It caters a wide range of wearable devices, medical devices and KIOSK along with mobile apps that can link up the patient or user to his or her concerned doctor, coach or nutritionist .C2P benefits the end user by providing enough data points around the user to enable a seamless and more trustworthy teleconsultation.

These services help the assessors in better understanding the patients’ needs and expectations. The online service platform avoids unnecessary clinical hassles. This in turn helps in better outcomes and increased patient satisfaction.


C2P has done various POC’s with some of the large Global Insurers in India , Hong Kong , Indonesia and Singapore. C2P takes pride in working with Govt in India and considers it as a remarkable achievement. It has also partenered Uzbekistan and is in discussion with a few more ministries to drive public healthcare and fitness programs.

Most recently the startup was invited by ‘The Translational Research Institute for Space Health (TRISH)’ to partner as part of a program run by NASA. Cover2Protect was one of the ‘TOP 5 startups’ at the IOT congress in 2018 and the only startups in the healthcare space. It has also been recognized as one of the ‘Top progressive wellness companies in Singapore’ by Longevity international UK.

A Bright Future Ahead

Nurturing the next generation of entrepreneurs, the startup urges them, “if you have an idea to solve a problem in the healthcare space, GO for IT. There are a lot of problems in Asia and we will need a lot of entrepreneurs to solve these problems. There cannot be one organization to solve all problems, hence we will need many small, specialized startups to work collaboratively to solve these problems”. 

Emphasizing the need for regulations, the organization advices, “one advice to upcoming entrepreneurs in the Healthtech space would be ensure that you look at the regulatory aspects before you start building the platform to avoid heavy changes and roll backs later in the stage of Go to market”.

C2P looks for a long term healthcare plan that aims to create the world’s most intelligent AI platform for preventive and curative healthcare embracing Ayurveda, and modern medicine as a holistic approach to healthcare.

Further with its experience C2P is planning to replicate its efforts in creating the world’s largest network of Ayurveda (Doctors, dispensaries, nutritionist, Ayurvedic massage, and wellness packages).

It envisions to provide users worldwide to tap the 5000 year old power of Ayurveda, and Yoga to deliver wellness digitally using the comprehensive IOS and Android APPs, Medical IoT devices, and wearables based in India.

C2P hopes to establish a strong foundation in India by building a platform that could enable users and healthcare providers share quality data based on the Realtime accessible data.

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