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Origin Integrated Studios: Offering Conclusive Technical Solution For Healthcare

Mr. Kenneth Kee | CEO | Origin Integrated Studios

Over the years we have seen how technology has revolutionized the world and our daily lives. With the help of technology, some of the greatest minds were able to put useful information at our fingertips and even create amazing tools.

All the up and coming and already existing technologies have paved the way for multi-functional devices like a smartwatch, smart glasses, 4k TVs, smartphone and many others. The purpose of all these technologies is to make the lives of humans better, smarter and seamlessly easy.

The exhaustive reach of technology has some splendid results in business too. These technologies have not only helped vendors to stay ahead in the market but also changed every aspect of the business. Today, aligned with excellent technology service providers, these vendors are offering that services to better serve humans and address their problems.

Adhering to the same, a group of software developers at Origin Integrated Studios are making a positive difference by developing innovative and creative healthcare application software solutions.  Let us further read to find out what inspired the company to do what it does and how has it successfully established its name in the market.

Charting the Initiation Story

Software Development is one of the most diverse sophisticated jobs in the market. Here in Origin Integrated Studios, we have one of the most passionate and talented software development team. Together we are making our mark in the world, developing important, stable and complex applications solving current industry problems,” were the first words of Mr. Kenneth Kee, the CEO of the company.

From its humble beginnings in 2015, when Origin was set up for Multimedia Super Corridor (MSC) Malaysia Status by a handful team of software developers in a small office to the present day, the technical team has grown to over twenty; the company today has grown in/by leaps and bounds.

Challenges Along the Way

No success is complete without challenges. Origin Integrated Studios too had its share of challenges to face.  During the initial days, the company struggled to gain confidence in the market. Though the company had the best solutions to offer (compared to 2015 markets), healthcare vendors were not confident about these solutions. However, the continuous endeavor of the company is to offer solutions that catered to all problems.  “We had to go low in terms of pricing, and willing fill the missing requirement gaps by customization and developing new modules such as Operation Theatre Module and Chemotherapy Module,” shares Mr. Kee.

The challenges are no less even today. It faces competition from both local and foreign solution providers both in terms of human resources and product differentiation. The company believes that it is not easy to find local talents that have both technical skills and domain knowledge required to provide its services to the clients and to further develop the products.

However, despite all the company has equipped itself to offer technical solutions to all type of healthcare emergencies. It intends to keep up with high demand for the new opening of hospitals and be ever-ready to digitalize the healthcare industry in Malaysia.

Origin started with a vision. Passion brings it alive. Our team dedication and devotion build customer’s loyalty and continuity. Origin has an intentional purpose to build a long-lasting great brand that inspires. We never be ashamed to start small, we never be afraid to dream big,” comments Mr. Kee.

The Technophile Leading from Front

Mr. Kee embarked on his entrepreneurial journey by implementing an EMR solution in just one hospital back in 2015. The company later implemented more than 30 sites in just five years. Under his leadership, Origin Integrated Studios is on its way to becoming a household brand of healthcare technology solution provider for hospital information systems in Malaysia and beyond. His perseverance, aligned with the passion of all the software developers, has helped the company bag numerous awards and recognition.

Pioneering Technical Health Care solutions

Electronic Medical Record or EMR is not a new term in the health care industry. However, in this age of breakneck speed, none of the Malaysian companies were to develop software that offered a comprehensive healthcare solution. This where Origin stepped in and developed its application software.

Its flagship product, Origin EMR can be integrated into any third-party HIS system, or connected directly to its Origin HIS. This unique positioning allows its clients to have a choice of implementing EMR first in their hospital. Origin HIS is a backend administration process system that includes administration, security access, registration, billing, collection & refund, stock inventory, pharmacy, and reporting.

Below are the detail modules and functionalities of this software include:

  • Appointment & Scheduling
  • Medical Records Management
  • Outpatient & ER Registration
  • Admission, Discharge & Transfer
  • Accident & Emergency Management
  • Outpatient (OP) Management
  • Inpatient (IP) & Bed Management
  • Patient Billing, Account Receivable and Cashiering
  • Chemotherapy Module
  • Government Tax
  • Payor Agreement & Staff Benefit
  • Charity
  • Pharmacy Module (OP, IP & OTC)
  • Purchasing
  • Inventory Management
  • Allied Health – Laboratory, Radiology & Physiotherapy/Rehab
  • Operating Theatre (OT) Management
  • Catheterization Lab Management
  • Central Sterile Services Department (CSSD)
  • Dietary Management & Food Order List for Kitchen
  • Management Dashboard
  • Regulatory Submission
  • Healthcare Accreditations Complimenting Features
  • Queue Management
  • Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Doctors EMR (with type/write/draw/template clinical notes capturing support)
  • Nursing Module
  • Document Scanning Management Module
  • And other Specialists Modules e.g Dental & Eyes
  • Integrated Communication System inclusive of SMS, messaging, email, etc.
  • Integration Engine for interfaces with various IT systems

This software has been developed with over 10 years of industry experience which touts high adoption rates amongst doctors and nurses. By providing simplistic user interface designs, Origin EMR allows doctors to either type or write/draw clinical notes using a lightweight Tablet PC or notebooks with stylus pen. It also allows to store and load their favorite templates.

Everything in Origin EMR is template-driven by Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE). It allows healthcare professions to customize medications, lab, and radiology orders while connecting with other systems such as Laboratory Information System (LIS), Radiology Information System (RIS), Hospital Information System (HIS), medical equipment and devices such as vital signs monitor in the hospital together through an HL7 communication protocol. With this in place, the software also allows professionals to get KPI dashboard reporting of the hospital’s performance at their fingertips.

The software provides interoperability, efficient clinical services and better patient safety in many ways:

With CPOE:

  • Physician orders are automatically routed to ancillary services departments for more efficient services
  • Improve patient safety by reducing potential human errors due to traditional manual transcription of doctor orders

With EMR:

  • Real time entry and fast access of electronic medical records
  • Improve patient safety through better documentation of care given
  • Provide system generated reports required by insurance or discharges
  • Accessing of patient information with mobile devices

With Nursing module:

  • Online nursing documentation for care plan, order fulfillment, eMAR & etc
  • Online clinical handover during shift for better & safer care
  • Accessing of patient information with mobile devices

With Document Scanning Management module:

  • Digitizing and online filing of paper-based clinical documentation
  • Seamless integration with EMR to achieve complete online patient records

With Reporting module:

  • Provide accurate reporting mechanisms to assist management decision and promote accountability
  • Leveraging on the integrated platform for ease of data collection
  • Using configurable graphical dashboard reporting for data analytics
  • Automate accurate reporting

Sketching the Future

From one hospital in 2015, over 30 successful implementations of 17 hospitals and 13 dialysis clinics in four years in 2019, Origin is scaled up for new horizons. With more than ten years of experience in the healthcare industry and in-depth domain knowledge in hospital process flow and requirements as well as healthcare solutions, the company looks forward to remaining at the forefront as the market leader.

The new technologies as part of product roadmap that the company has already started integrating to vital signs monitor with its Early Warning Score (EWS) dashboard, provide the following benefits:

  • Making the clinical workflow more efficient
  • Incorporating multimedia features and functionalities that support telemedicine when it is available
  • Integrating with more remote care devices and IoMT include remote patient monitoring for home nursing
  • Data warehousing for group hospitals/clinics to perform analytics and group reporting
  • Instant availability of information in patient portal

Some new modules as part of product roadmap to be developed are

  • Insurance & Corporate Claim Management
  • Clinical Research
  • Mobile App modules e.g Patient Portal

Origin Integrated Studios will also continue providing state-of-the-art products developed through continuous research and development, to achieve creative innovations and solutions.



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