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V2U Healthcare: Setting Benchmarks in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Care

Dinesh Verma | V2U Healthcare

Technology has made our lives easy. Don’t feel like cooking, get food delivered. Don’t feel like driving to work, get a cab at your door, and even working remotely from the comforts of our homes.

Technology has really got our back. Or has it? While the answer is a big yes, technology has literally got our backs into pain too. The human body is one giant machine and like every other good machine, it needs to function regularly to stay fit. If you leave a machine out-of-work for long or make it work in stressful situations, it is bound to rust or breakdown respectively.

Same goes for the human body. Our work is mostly sedentary and involves devices which hamper our natural stature leading to issues like back pain, neck pain etc. Those involved in sports face issues like a muscle pull, ligament issues and more. Keeping oneself fit and pain-free has become an arduous task for human beings and a big opportunity for those who can see it.

The Asian healthcare market, especially that of Physiotherapy which deals with pain management, is growing explosively. The affluent societies in Asian economies are creating greater demands for Quality and easy access to healthcare facilities. With a sharp focus on South East Asia market which accounts for about 650 million population, and lacks significant infrastructure for healthcare Facilities, V2U Healthcare has been spreading its wings to provide innovative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation and Electrotherapy equipment.

Managing Pain

V2U’s Physio Asia Therapy Centre in Singapore specializes in providing back and neck pain management. The company has its proprietary back pain management program called ‘SCORES’. This program offers comprehensive assessment and management of patients using in-house products and technologies such as – V2U Trac Pro spinal decompression therapy system for disc herniated and related problems.

For long term recovery, the team at V2U suggests working on Core Muscles strengthening techniques. This can be achieved by using V2U Imaging Ultrasound that targets specific muscles for strength training along with Achievo Pressure Biofeedback system to monitor and record the information on core muscles performance. “Our team consist of Physiotherapy experts who have years of experience in managing such patients through this approach with great success. This Program is available to other facilities as well as on licensing mechanism,” adds Dinesh Verma, the Founder and Managing Director.

An Astute Leader

Having trained as a clinical professional physiotherapist, Dinesh, while working in a clinical capacity with hospitals in Singapore, noticed a big gap between the Industry and professionals. He could sense that there was a need for someone to fill the gap so that the industry and its technological advancements could make sense to professionals.

Once he saw the requirement, he took the plunge and decided to move his career towards product development, management and business development. The first step towards it was to prepare himself academically and in terms of soft skills including managerial ones. So, in the early 90s he pursued part-time studies in Business Administration and later completed an MBA from Henley Management College in 1999. Once equipped with the necessary skills, he ventured into business by taking a job as Product Manager with Singapore Medical Device distribution company in 1997 and later in 2002, established his first company in partnership with his past employer.

As the Founder and Managing Director of V2U Healthcare, Dinesh has established the company’s vision and mission and worked on crafting strategies to fulfil desired outcomes. He always wanted to create a difference by being a Solution Provider and not merely a distributor of physiotherapy products. Hence he, along with his team, emphasized on careful technology selection; invested in employee learning and educating the customer. To remain relevant, he established V2U’s clinical services in Physiotherapy in 2006 – Physio Asia Therapy Centre. This also provided as a test-bed for the company’s technologies and concepts.

A Growing Industry with Promising Opportunities

The Physiotherapy and Rehab Medicine market is still at the infancy stage in most of the Asian country and that provides great growth opportunity, not without challenges. The market players are constantly challenged by emerging competition and technologies. As an entrepreneur, Dinesh feels that healthy competition helps in growing the market. Healthcare and especially rehabilitation medicine market is huge and still underdeveloped and a healthy competition is a healthy sign for market development. He also states that V2U is aware of and equipped with new technologies, and unhesitatingly approaches development.

As someone who believes in the famous quote “Winners don’t do different things, they do things differently,” Dinesh is always on the lookout for advancements and is more than happy to adopt new methods and technologies in V2U’s portfolio as long as they meet the company’s screening criteria. He feels that those who can manage their resources effectively and efficiently will emerge as the winner.

Miles to Go

Dinesh and his team’s winning attitude has been lauded at several platforms. In 2011 Dinesh was awarded the Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards. In 2014, he won the Physio Ratna – Highest Award honour given to one physiotherapist each year by Indian Association of Physiotherapists.

In 2018, Singapore Prestige Brand Award 2018 was given to V2U for Physio Asia Therapy Centre – Singapore. More recently, in 2019 Dinesh was awarded the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce Entrepreneur Awards in Promising Enterprise category. These are just a few of the many accolades.

Additionally, V2U Healthcare, as a company, has accomplished ISO 13485 certification and also received Singapore Quality Class and Singapore Service Class certifications. V2U has positioned itself to take on the S-E Asian markets for its growth needs. It has invested in establishing its subsidiaries in key countries – Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the Philippines.

V2U is moving with a strategy to vertically integrate its business – at one end it is developing and introducing Own Brand value-added products and at another end, it is planning to invest in its Own Centre of Physiotherapy – currently in Singapore and Manila and planned for 2020 in Kuala Lumpur. Having a vertically integrated approach in a niche market will be the key to success for V2U in future.



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