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Assessing the Effectiveness of FIR Therapy for Weight Loss

FIR Therapy for Weight Loss

FIR Therapy for Weight Loss

FIR or Far Infrared Ray is an energy wave that surrounds the world. As you may already know, the primary source of infrared rays is the sun. FIR can penetrate the skin but does not damage the skin like ultraviolet rays.

Far Infrared Rays are safe and used for healing and detoxification. It is also beneficial for decreasing pain, reviving cells, improving cardiovascular health, and boosting blood circulation. FIR is also used for weight loss therapies. This article aims to examine how FIR and weight loss correlate.

How Does FIR Aid Weight Loss?

When FIR penetrates the body, it causes the body to heat up. In turn, the heating provokes cells to work more efficiently, stimulating your cardiovascular and lymphatic systems to function better. It also leads to enhanced blood flow and the burning of calories.

The American Medical Association reports that a person could burn the same amount of calories with FIR as they would with 30 minutes of jogging or running. Far Infrared Rays also help improve metabolism. You can burn close to 300 calories with 30 minutes of FIR therapy.

Shorter Recovery Time

FIR raises body temperature. As opposed to workouts and other weight loss methods, Far Infrared Rays soothe the muscles instead of stretching them. Many people who start workout programs give up too soon because of muscle pain and stress. FIR therapy helps muscles recover faster and cases no additional stress.

FIR Options for Weight Loss

When it comes to FIR and weight loss, several options are available in the market:

FIR Clothing

FIR clothing is rapidly gaining popularity. Besides accelerating weight loss, FIR clothing helps reduce muscle soreness, inflammation, and arthritis. The therapy also helps improve blood circulation and metabolism.

FIR Mats

FIR mats consist of copper coils that will help heat your body. They are easy to carry around and easy to store.

Other Health Benefits of FIR

  • FIR therapy is a great way to detoxify the body. It helps reduce the levels of metals, carcinogens, and water retention in the system. Far Infrared Rays supply energy to all molecules in the body, including those that contain harmful components. The energy causes molecules to break apart, thus enabling their expulsion from the body.
  • FIR is beneficial to older people who experience joint pains and muscle stiffness. Older people have slower blood circulation. FIR promotes blood circulation and heals joints and muscles.
  • FIR aids microcirculation and enables blood flow to all cells. Microcirculation is also an essential part of the cleansing and detoxifying process.
  • FIR therapy is known to increase blood flow and boost lactation in breastfeeding mothers.

FIR Therapy Is Recommended for Overall Well Being

FIR therapy is suitable for the improvement of the overall health of an individual. Therapists even use it for normalizing blood pressure and viscosity. FIR therapy has very light side effects and is generally safe and painless. It improves motor functions, protects the skin from sunburn, and even reduces the effects of diabetes.

Products like FIR saunas, mats, and t-shirts also make it very convenient for anyone to take on FIR therapy.



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