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Assisting Hands® Home Care: Providing Access to Exceptional At-Home Care

Lane Kofoed CEO Assisting Hands® Home Care.
Lane Kofoed | CEO | Assisting Hands

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has become a testament to the undeniable need for quality and comprehensive healthcare. In these challenging times, the fear of contracting the virus overpowered the desire to access in-person healthcare services – creating barriers to deliver quality care.

These barriers carry a heightened concern for those unable to access healthcare services either involuntarily or due to unavoidable limitations. Addressing these and devising innovative solutions has become essential to healthcare service providers and organizations.

The 10 Most Trusted Home Care Providers, 2021, brings a spotlight to those organizations that strove ceaselessly to deliver holistic healthcare services and solutions to their customers. Assisting Hands® Home Care stands out due to its ability to provide expert in-home care to large populations, including the elderly, disabled, and others in need of assistance with daily activities in the comfort and security of their own home.

“Assisting Hands home Care sets a standard of only providing quality caregivers to our clients.”

Assisting Hands is a franchise that emphasizes exceptional customer service and customized in-home care to their clients—founded by Dr. Gail Silverstein, who has more than 25 years of experience coordinating and leading health care programs in both the public and private sector, and Cline Waddell of Boise, Idaho. Their vision of providing a better alternative for the elderly, disabled, and others needing assistance at home has grown over the years to a highly recognized and growing home care company.

Personifying Excellence

Co-founder Cline Waddell understood that they needed someone to help them lead the company into the future. Lane Kofoed came to mind immediately. Cline had personal knowledge and experience with Lane and believed in his integrity. Gail Silverstein agreed that Lane was necessary and felt confident that he would continue their vision to grow into a high-quality home care provider with franchising opportunities.

Lane started as COO with the knowledge that once he proved himself, he would take on the role of CEO. He immediately set out to reach the goals established by increasing the organization’s number of units and profitability.

Under Lane’s leadership, the first franchisee meeting included a day at his family’s ranch. Franchisees enjoyed dinner with Lane and his family along with team-building exercises that included white water rafting. His leadership style quickly developed into a culture that united the entire company as a family that has been affectionately nicknamed the Family of Franchise Owners (FOFO).

When asked how Assisting Hands managed to stay consistently competitive during the initial phase of the pandemic, Lane replied, “During a difficult and unpredictable year, Assisting Hands proved itself to be ‘recession-resistant.’ While the pandemic required changes in day-to-day operation, there was an increased demand and need for in-home care. We experienced tremendous growth in 2020 to meet this demand, adding 14 franchises for a total of 162 franchise territories, 16 area developments, 72 offices around the county, and new franchise owners in 5 states.”

Speaking about how he and his team at Assisting Hands cultivate a successful relationship with franchisees, Lane expressed, “We look for new franchise prospects who have the heart for the business and then build a trusting relationship with them. We treat them as business partners, grow with them, and celebrate their successes.”

Assisting Hands believes in providing a level of professional and dependable care to clients that sets it apart from the competition. Client satisfaction is of the utmost importance; therefore, caregivers are carefully chosen and trained above-and-beyond state requirements. Assisting Hands’ caregivers possess the knowledge and attitude needed to be exceptional, compassionate, and dependable home care providers.

Building a Great Brand

When discussing the opportunities franchisees receive when they join Assisting Hands; Lane states, “Candidates have an opportunity to join a family-friendly system with a low-cost, high-return, proven business model in an explosive-growth industry which provides a much-needed service to an often-overlooked segment of our communities.”

Candidates must possess people management skills, compassion, and a heart for serving seniors and positively impacting their lives and the lives of their families. The financial requirements are minimum liquid capital of $100K and a minimum net worth to $300K plus cover personal expenses for 12 months. “We provide strong and dedicated marketing and operational support with proven systems and ongoing training and coaching,” says Lane.

Setting Benchmarks of Quality

Assisting Hands® Home Care sets a standard for providing quality caregivers to its clients. The application and interview processes are characteristically in-depth and include a comprehensive background check before providing care in the homes of someone’s loved one.

Each franchise location follows an identical curriculum. Once the interview process is complete, the newly hired caregiver attends scheduled orientation and training. After theory and practical training, new employees are assigned to a case. The team at Assisting Hands is sure the hired individuals have the necessary tools and the heart to provide compassionate care for seniors or anyone that needs personal care and companionship.

The company also utilizes its own Assisting Hands University training. Gail Stout, Vice President of Assisting Hands says, “There is a ton of knowledge wrapped up in the training videos housed on our university platform. Once the caregiver is in the field, we provide ongoing training in both the office and the field (client’s home). This is how we can support our claim of Quality Home Care You Can Trust®.”

Exhibiting Comprehensive Success

Assisting Hands® Home Care was recently named a Top Franchise for 2021 by Franchise Business Review for the sixth consecutive year. This list is an annual ranking of the 200 best franchise opportunities as rated by franchise business owners.

Franchisee Testimonials

“Assisting Hands has the feeling of family, which is the culture I was looking for.” – Robbie McCullough, Area Rep., Dallas Texas

“We are a growing company and the cooperation and sharing from the key people in the company, both management and other franchise owners, is incredible.” – Robert Thomas, Area Rep., Ft Myers, FL

“Assisting Hands Home Care provides me the tools and structure I need to be successful, but also the flexibility to run my own business.” – Greg Kling, Owner, Cincinnati



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