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Augmenting Healthcare with Novel Gene Therapy Solutions

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Genes are what marks us different from every other person on this Earth. They contain DNA that defines the form and functions of any human body and any kind of defect in this lead to diseases. Unlike the medicines, gene therapy corrects these defects and stop the diseases once and for all. Additionally, medicines and treatments till date work on a trial and error method, prescribed according to the symptoms a patient’s body shows. However, every body type is dissimilar to one another and what may work for one person, doesn’t necessarily work perfectly for the other. With gene therapy, personalized medicines, made specifically for the person affected by a health condition, can be devised and this change from conventional healthcare to person-specific, will probably be the greatest revolution the industry would witness.

In our issue of “The 10 Most Innovative Companies in Gene Therapy”, we are highlighting the stories of the leading companies that are catalyst to bring this revolutionary change. They are not only dedicated to aid in creating and offering therapeutics based on gene therapy, but also are working towards making it affordable for all.



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