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Mission 2021: Aurobindo Pharma to Launch Oncology and Respiratory Products in the US market

Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo Pharma

Aurobindo Pharma is all set to launch first set of oncology, respiratory, complex injectables, and topical products in the US healthcare market over the next three years as it plans to build a strong specialty products portfolio. Unveiling the strategic decision during an investor presentation, the entity also revealed its plan of launching the first set of biosimilars and vaccines in growth market during the same time.

Decoding the mid-term roadmap (2019-2021), the company intends to focus on launching the first set of oncology, respiratory, complex injectables, and topical products, for the long term it plans to launch inhalers, transdermals, biosimilars and branded (Rx as well as OTC) products in the advanced markets. Alongside, Aurobindo Pharma is also focusing to secure Intellectual Property (IP) and ramping up and filing of specialty products and is working on Biologic License Applications (BLA).

The company is eyeing the GCC countries – South Africa, Ukraine, Canada, Mexico, Myanmar, Colombia, Brazil, and East Africa as the future potential markets. Headquartered in Hitec City of Hyderabad, India – the company is into manufacturing generic and active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Started in 1986, today the company stands amongst the top pharma companies in India and dominates the export market. Over seventy percent of its revenues are derived out of international operations as it exports pharma products to over 125 countries across the globe.

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