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Eray UĞURELLİ |Kidolog
Eray Ugurelli | CXO

Improvements that occurred recently in our world have changed or transformed us in every aspect of our lives. They showed that the internet is such a precious invention for us from our business life to our private life. Even though this pandemic made us realize valuable things in our lives, it also showed us our deficiencies. We started to fulfill our needs through the internet during the pandemic.

Its conditions affected our mental needs just like they affected our physical health. Although we were able to fulfill most of our needs through the internet, we could not fulfill the ones of our children. The most significant one was the situation I encountered when my 2-year-old daughter refused to be breastfed. There was a lockdown, and we did not know what to do. Hospitals were full of COVID cases; this might have caused serious health problems for me and my family.

After some research I had done, I talked to a breastfeeding counselor on my phone. I did not know what to do because my daughter was hungry. I transferred the money which the counselor demanded to them. We met at our appointment time via an app similar to Zoom. This meeting was really beneficial to my daughter and her mother, but there was an unsafe space. People did not know how to contact the counselor or not trust them through only social media. God only knows how many children were brought up with such conflicts because of this trust issue.

This is how the idea of Kidolog crossed my mind. Even though the reason why the process started was breastfeeding, we tried to keep Kidolog as widespread as possible we could; for bringing up a child can also come with conflict that needs to be resolved eventually. So, we were there for mothers with experts who are suitable for all ages. With the midwife and doula support starting at the birth process, they can initiate the labor easily with pregnancy yoga and pilates.

Generally, we give so much support to the ones who are going to be a mother for the very first time. They don’t know what to do right after the birth, and with the professional support we gave to them, they can solve the problems which may be encountered after the birth with experts. Right after that, our breastfeeding experts will be there for the family.

From Breastfeeding to Whole Process

Problems of mothers, who are bringing up their children from the breastfeeding process to the age of 18, are being resolved by different experts. We’ve also realized that parents who are taking our support for their children also need to be helped as well. The amount of demand rose for this situation. We provided our support to parents as a whole by including specialist clinic psychologists in our system. Briefly, we are with them from their potty-training problems in their infancy to the peer pressure they are facing in their schools when they were children.

We are improving our platform day by day. We launched our app within one year after our establishment and started to present some of our features only through the app. We are providing many services for mothers, and we are planning to make their lives easier with many features to be presented sooner. They can track their children through the app. Not only the duration but also the amount of the baby’s feeding is also important to be organized. Thanks to our app, she can record how many times and also how many mgs she breastfed him from which breast. There are also many available services such as tracking the reading duration and screen time.

Our platform drew many mothers’ attention since it was established. We are close to our 2nd year anniversary, and we have provided 50.000 families with our services. The attention of parents makes us happy, and we get great feedback from them. Our many users log into our system with the other users’ references and get help. As our origin is in Turkey, we first started to serve in Turkey, but it was not enough. We are serving parents who speak Turkish in many countries from Germany to China. Right now, we are still conducting our infrastructure works; after they are done, we will start to serve in German and English. Shortly, we are going forward to be the best friend of parents from all around the world.

Investments and Rewards

We got seed investment from Mr. İbrahim Özer who owns one of the most important investment web in Turkey right after our establishment. It was quite valuable for a start-up that was established with zero funds. 3 months after the first investment, Mr. Özer and a couple of angel investors had a meeting with us to invest in the second one. After our meetings resulted as a success, we left the seed investment stage very efficiently. We improved our Turkey operations very significantly in this frame. We even achieved the success of being in the top 20 of the best start-ups in BigBang which is a competition that took place at Istanbul Technical University, which is among the prestigious universities in Turkey, only a year after our establishment.

We won two financial rewards just as important as the investments on the stage. We were in first place in the development programs of very valuable banks. We were selected among the 13 best enterprises by one of the significant technology companies, Turk Telekom. We won many ranks and rewards in 2 years. These are our pride and joy and signs of how we can impact the future. We found many opportunities to improve ourselves while improving Kidolog. We took serious steps in the way of being entrepreneurs while raising the awareness of the parents. We celebrated this by being on the list of Fortune 40 under 40 very recently.

New projects

I have already mentioned the demand of parents. One of our missions is to have conscious parents and happy generations. We are conducting our work to make the world become a better place to live. For this mission, we are maintaining our support to the world with our projects that are being conducted and will be conducted later on. We sponsored a young women’s football team for the purpose of supporting and raising awareness for girls. We are reimbursing their tuition.

We are making plans to create a more sustainable world. We are carrying on our work for the purpose of green parenting and breast milk to become widespread. We started an operation in Europe, the United States of America, and the United Arab Emirates in English, German and Arabic languages. We are counting the days to show ourselves in the Global Market in many native languages.

About the Leader


Born on May 10, 1991, in Kırıkkale. He completed his primary, secondary and high school education successfully. In 2013, he got his bachelor’s degree from the department of management in Ankara. After graduation, he started to work with his family in their company and also began to be interested in technological developments and programming. He established his first technological gym in Izmir. After selling this enterprise, which got attention with its success, to foreigners, he continued his serial entrepreneurship. He established the Botanik Café&Bistro brand and Lokkalata brand.

With the Lokkalata brand, by giving franchises across Turkey, he was considered worthy of the Franchise prize by UMAD. He still owns businesses that are successful in the catering sector in Ankara, Eskişehir, and Kırıkkale. Right now, he is getting a master’s degree at the Information Systems Institution of Hacettepe University. He is the co-founder and the CEO of Kidolog, which parent counseling platform launched in February 2021 for its user’s service. He is married with a daughter. He has a good command of English.

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