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The Birthplace: The Perfect Partner Before, During, and After Pregnancy!

The Birthplace | Insights Care

The market for obstetrics in India is primarily served by small nursing homes and large multi-specialty hospitals. Given the significance of the birth of a child in one’s family, there is a tremendous opportunity in creating an experience that is memorable, joyful, and hassle-free with the comfort of world class clinical care for the delivery. On one hand, the nursing homes provide a very transactional experience with a limited scope of services for the mother and the child and on the other hand, large multi-specialty hospitals provide a daunting experience for the family in a setting that is geared towards serving people with complicated ailments.

The Birthplace, a leading gynecology and maternity single-specialty hospital, not only ensures safe but luxurious and memorable delivery experience for a mother. With its motto being “Expect More”, the hospital caters to all the needs of its patients and offers even more! At the Birthplace, one delivers with all the conveniences and facilities that a woman and her family desire during pregnancy – from on time appointments with their doctors to 5 star amenities in their rooms.

The Birthplace offers complete care and support from the pre-conception period to pregnancy and delivery period, extending up to after the child is born. With a team of highly qualified and expert doctors, backed with latest equipment and best-in-class infrastructural facilities, it provides world-class gynecology, maternity, and pediatric services. It has created a phenomenal experience out of the child birth event for the mother and the family, backed by an uncompromising quality in the clinical and non-clinical infrastructure, people, and processes.

About the Birthplace

The Birthplace began its operations around six years ago with a focus on obstetrics, neonatology, and gynecology. The main facility of the hospital is 25 bedded, all in a private and suite setting, and the outreach clinic caters to everything that a woman needs up until the time of delivery. The Birthplace provides a full range of gynecological care to meet the needs of women of all ages. With the help of advanced imaging, diagnostics, and surgery services, thousands of women turn to the Birthplace each year, for expert care in a compassionate setting.

In the journey so far, the Birthplace has been recognized nationally for its brand identity by being honored with the Designomics grand prix award for strategic brand identity and the Kyoorius award for brand identity. It has been shortlisted within the top 3 in the country, as a trendsetter in customer service excellence in the New India Assurance Healthcare Achievers Awards in 2014 by a well-renowned media house. The hospital has also been ranked as the #1 Hospital for Gynecology in Hyderabad through a study conducted by prominent media house in March 2015 and Jan 2016 and #2 in South India and #10 in India in Jan 2016. In 2017, it was ranked as #1 in Hyderabad, #1 in South India, and #2 in India for its focused specialty of Obstetrics and Gynecology.

Differentiated Appeal

The Birthplace strongly believes that the hospital’s differentiator and competitive advantage is a result of its focus on the “guest” experience. The clients are treated as guests and not patients in its facility. From the training of its people to the design of the processes, the Birthplace has an intense focus on how to ensure that a guest at its facility will have an unmatched experience in delivering a baby.

No wait time for appointments, transparent delivery packages, flexible visiting hours, dedicated pregnancy manager, foot massages for the mom – these are just a few things that the Birthplace does to create a fantastic experience for the mother!

Innovative Thinking

The Birthplace owns its technology and this gives it a distinctive competitive advantage. Its technology stack proves itself in enabling superior financial results for the Birthplace. Every system deployed at the hospital is focused on improving customer experience. Its out-patient services begin even before the patient walks in; they begin the moment a patient engages with its marketing effort. The customer is assigned a Single Point of Contact even before she walks into the facility. Although its marketing efforts are ruthlessly driven by numbers, the Birthplace’s customer engagement is extremely high touch.

Impacting Lives

The Birthplace has successfully handled several high risk pregnancies. Through its quality healthcare services, the hospital has saved several lives and made many others better. Talking of high risk pregnancy, one of the case was supervised by a senior gynecologist, where there was a growth discordancy of 48% between twin fetuses. Under the team’s diligent care and observation, the babies quickly gained health and are doing well now.

Another challenging case successfully handled by the hospital was when the gynecologist treated a first-time pregnant woman with fibroid complications in the uterus. This complex surgery involved first removing the large fibroid from the uterus without harming the baby and then bringing the baby out with a C-section. The doctor helped the mother successfully deliver a healthy baby, without significant discomfort or loss of blood.

Throughout the course of the treatment, the gynecologists work along with a multidisciplinary team of urologists, surgeons, radiologists, and other experts to ensure the most appropriate care. To address fertility concerns, it works with experts in fertility treatments, at the Birthplace and other centers of excellence.

The Birthplace’s state-of-the-art NICU means that even parents of new-born babies, who need critical care, can be assured about delivering in not just a comfortable place but also a safe place tailored to the needs of the mother and baby, regardless of the criticality of care required for either of them. Caring for tiny, fragile babies is a big part of what the hospital does, at the Level III NICU. Here, premature babies and babies with complex medical needs get the expert care they need to survive and thrive. Additionally, they’re surrounded and supported by a team that is passionate, highly skilled, and dedicated. In fact, some remarkably tiny surviving babies, with birth-weights as low as 700 grams, have been born at the Birthplace. They’re healthy toddlers today, partly because of the care they got at the Birthplace.

Whether it is about treating a woman who had an ovarian tumor weighing close to 5kg, to helping someone with a renal failure to conceive, to many successful Vaginal Births after C-section (VBAC), or delivering babies for mothers who have had a history of multiple miscarriages, the Birthplace is proud to be a place that brings together leading maternity and new-born care experts under one roof to ensure safe outcomes.



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