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Blockchain Firm: Enhancing Healthcare Efficiency

Blockchain Firm | Salman Parcy
Blockchain Firm | Salman Parcy

Blockchain technology has helped ease the processes and lessen the burden in the healthcare sector. Blockchain has the ability to reduce the current spending bubble, protect patients’ data, keep real-time track of activities, and fulfill the crucial needs of the healthcare industry. It also enhances the primary operations and enables reliability, ensuring the prompt functioning of the businesses.

With an aim and vision of enhancing traditional business processes, Blockchain Firm provides enterprise blockchain development services and solutions for various industries, focusing primarily on the healthcare sector. Being one of the few early adopters of blockchain technology, its ultimate goal is to help all enterprises and organizations adopt blockchain into their businesses.

Under the visionary leadership of the Head of Global Business Development, Salman Parcy, Blockchain Firm enables transparency and security to business processes using blockchain technology towards an absolute betterment of their clients in the industry. 

The Prologue

Established in 2017, Blockchain Firm provides enterprise blockchain development services and solutions for various industries, with a strong focus on the healthcare space. Being one of the few early adopters of blockchain technology, its ultimate goal is to help all enterprises and organizations adopt blockchain into their businesses.

Salman states that the company understands business processes like no other and helps transform its client’s ideas into reality with innovation and creativity. He virtuously believes that “instead of making clients, businesses should make partners who have mutually benefiting vision and strive towards a common goal.”

A Visionary Leadership

Salman Parcy, the Head of Global Business Development at Blockchain Firm, leads the business, marketing, and branding teams across the company’s global offices. He believed that the sea of opportunities and optimistic scope of growth comes with technological advancement. This inspired him to set the company’s vision in motion. And now, he is on a mission to venture blockchain technology into every industry possible.

Salman believes, “I have a strong thought in mind – as a leader, every word you speak will be analyzed, every action you do will be followed, and every standard you have will be set. So, I make myself a visionary, thoughtful, entertaining, and the most assertive person.”

Advancing the Healthcare Supply Management  

The company has a collective suite of blockchain services tailor-made and delivered for enterprises and organizations according to their business requirements. When a business owner approaches the company with an idea, it dedicates itself to understanding the concept in-depth and drafting a feasibility study.

After there is a mutual agreement on the study, then they move forward. And if there’s room for improvement, the company will be adding its ideas too.Salman states, “We do this because we ought to give our clients the best services possible.”

The healthcare industry is one of the primary industries that require advanced technology integration. Blockchain is a powerful and advanced technology that offers many benefits for healthcare.

Since the company is a pioneer in blockchain, Salman thought of an idea. “Instead of just digitizing the existing systems, we focus on creating a healthcare ecosystem with a unified portal that provides easy access and connects all participants digitally.”

This ecosystem could serve end-to-end purposes – right from acquiring the patients to storing patients’ records as electronic records, connecting patients with doctors/surgeons, keeping real-time track of the activities, monitoring the drug supply chain, streamlining the pharma, and more.

Aligning Offerings with the Latest Technologies

The healthcare industry is one of the significant sectors that got disrupted majorly during the COVID-19 pandemic. The entire world faced a lot of struggles to send and receive medicines, essentials, and other things. To prevent this in the future and create a better healthcare supply chain system, Blockchain Firm might consider analysing the existing models that deal with healthcare and the potential implications of technologies.

Further, while speaking of the latest technological advancements, Salman asserted,“Introducing blockchain technology to the healthcare industry is the best and most modernistic solution we can do to achieve transparency, traceability, security, and operational excellence.”

Post-pandemic Era

There have been various advancements in the healthcare industry post the COVID-19 pandemic. Many healthcare companies have already begun to digitize their services and secure their records efficiently. It could be much better if blockchain technology is integrated into their systems.

As said earlier by Salman, “To make the future ours, our idea is to create a healthcare ecosystem that connects patients, hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, labs, and other healthcare participants.”

An Advice to Remember

Salman believes that the chase to bring a positive change is crucial for the new generation. The youth should deeply ponder on changing the formulaic concepts and work on building a broader perspective of the invention.

The audacity to choose unfamiliar roads and having the fire to chase their dreams should be the mantra for youth. As the younger generation strives to achieve more, they should leverage this awareness to become strong and perfect decision-makers.

Futuristic Approach

Salman asserts, “We are stepping into the most advanced concept to date – Metaverse, this year. We already have a community of more than 200 members traversing across multiple locations, which is set to double within a year.” Furthermore, the company is also indulging in a continuous process of experimenting with advanced technologies this year.



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