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Bristol Launches Initiative to Fight Against HIV



Common ambition Bristol project is aiming to eradicate HIV from the face of the earth. This project is underway in African and Caribbean regions with the help of the local community and NHS health care professionals. The project stands on four fundamental pillars—increasing awareness, HIV testing, decreasing the late diagnosis, and HIV stigma.

The initiative is being led by a Bristol-based charity called Brigstowe and the African Voices Forum. It encourages people to be tested and are providing the proper medical care to HIV(+) patients.

Expressing views about the project, Aisha-monic Namurach, Common Ambition Bristol project coordinator, said: “Common Ambition Bristol has been built with people for the people. It’s important to us that African and Caribbean heritage communities are no longer left behind, that we as a community are included, valued, empowered, and celebrated. We have work to do in our communities when it comes to HIV and stigma particularly, but we are also well placed to effect change.”

The project is aiming to decrease the overwhelming number of HIV transmissions to zero by 2030.



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