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Canada’s 10 Most Eminent Women Leaders in Healthcare, 2021

Lynda Brown-Ganzert: Leveraging Technology to Enable Exceptional Patient Support
The need for seamless connectivity­­—courtesy of the internet—has enabled millions of people across the world to acknowledge, leverage, and create countless possibilities. An offspring of this need, social media, although at a nascent stage, encompasses profound potential to influence change – be it...

Issue Profile

Hayley Mundeva | Founder | CEO | ThriveHire
Hayley Mundeva: Making an Impact in the Healthcare Sector
The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed a plethora of challenges for the healthcare sector all over the world....
Naomi Goldapple | Head | AlayaLabs
Naomi Goldapple: Leveraging Data and Technology to Improve Homecare Services
 The pandemic has really shone an evident light on the sheer necessity of having a robust, well-functioning...
Roxana Zaman | Co-founder | COO | Maple
Roxana Zaman: Championing the Cause of Digital Health Care
With a strong finance and business background, Roxana Zaman had a lucrative career in banking. It was...
Sarah Harvey| CEO | Co-founder | QoC Health, Inc.
Sarah Harvey: An Epitome of Passionate Leadership
By combining excellence in healthcare, business, and technology, Sarah Harvey is revolutionizing the...
Sarah Roth | President | CEO | BC Cancer Foundation
Sarah Roth: Changing Lives through Enablement of Impactful Cancer Research
It is most certainly exciting to be in a time when the global healthcare industry is undergoing substantial...