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CareConnectMD Gets Financing to Develop Complex Care Work



CCMD confirms being the only eight high-needs Direct Contracting organizations engaging in the Global and professional Direct Contracting Model.

The Contributor of primary care and care coordination services – CareConnectMD Incorporated geared up to meet the need of complex Medicare candidates. CCMD managed to receive funding to deepen its existence in California.

The Company exclaimed to obtain $25 million in funding led by Minneapolis-based TT Capital Partner (TTCP). CareConnectMD (CCMD) summed up the financing also to enhance its technology platform to extend care delivery.

The Medical group CCMD commits with managed care and insurance plans to provide alleviating care to high-risk populations in their home or chosen environment, including skilled nurse facilities. The Organization tends to partner with other physician groups, authorizing them to engage in value-based care programs as a part of CCMD’s high-needs Direct Contracting Entity (DCE).

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