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CareSimple®: A Plethora of Convenience and Reliability

Michael | Nadeau CareSimple
CareSimple Inc

The healthcare industry is evolving rapidly as professionals and facilities look for ways to increase their patients’ access to care while decreasing the overall cost of healthcare. Fortunately, digital technologies like Remote Patient Management (RPM) and Electronic Health Records (EHR) make it easier for healthcare professionals to communicate with their patients, breaking down the barriers that can impede a patient’s access to medical care.

RPM’s increased usage is due to its benefits to businesses and patients alike. It enables the healthcare providers to effectively monitor a patient’s health closely without physically visiting them. Similarly, the patients and their families can avail themselves of the best care in the comfort of their homes, avoiding hassles.

Enabling a plethora of such efficient and reliable services, CareSimple® empowers payers and providers to take the complexity out of the Hospital at Home (HoH), population health, chronic care management and Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)—opening the door to new revenue models, reducing hospital readmissions, generating higher patient satisfaction and ultimately, improving clinical outcomes.

Under the expertise of Michael Nadeau, CEO, CareSimple has evolved into the end-to-end virtual care solution that it is today, offering an easy-to-use, secure, and scalable way to offer RPM to at-risk patient populations while at the same time being highly efficient for clinicians which is very important.

In an interview with Insights Care, Michael highlights his professional tenure and inspiration behind venturing as a patient monitoring solution provider in the healthcare industry.

Below are the highlights:

Enlighten our audience about CareSimple®, its services, and its position as a leading patient monitoring solution provider in the healthcare industry.

CareSimple® is a simple, secure, and scalable service to provide virtual care to patients in the comfort and privacy of their homes. Our flagship Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) platform integrates into any electronic health record (EHR), providing health systems and physician groups with the software, medical devices, connectivity, logistics, and professional services required to offer medical-grade RPM for chronic conditions management, post-discharge monitoring, remote therapeutic monitoring, and hospital-at-home programs.

What inspired you to venture into the healthcare industry as a patient monitoring solution provider?

Years ago, I visited the New York-Presbyterian to learn about their new electronic health record (Epic) and how digitising patient records would change the future of healthcare. I saw a centralized system that had the potential to support numerous applications for clinicians but without anything that could directly interact with the patient.

For context, this was the time of the smartphone and tablet boom. I was confident that I could use my vast experience in mobile software to make a big change, putting patients in the driver’s seat and empowering them to take control of their own health.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) was a clear avenue to this vision, so we went ahead and built an app-based system that connected patients to their doctors for remote care as well as to the medical devices supplied by their local pharmacy to take vitals and measurements effortlessly. Not only did this help patients better manage care, but it also improved their quality of life from the comfort and privacy of their own homes, a total game-changer.

Within just a few years, the company had over four million health app downloads, and it was pioneering digital healthcare models with some of the largest providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies, all pilot projects involving the patient at home.

Tell us more about the solutions that make CareSimple® stand out from the competition.

With today’s fast pace of innovation and open-source software development practices, there is no one attribute that can make a company stand out in the long term against its competition. What makes CareSimple appealing to health systems and payers is the combination of our attributes, starting with our relentless focus on quality, security, and most importantly, customer service.

We are not scared about changing the status quo, listening carefully to the feedback of the care providers and the patients using our platform, and constantly improving the value of our solution with monthly updates, all while maintaining industry-leading quality and security norms under audited ISO 13485 and ISO 27001 processes.

Tell us about CareSimple®’s contribution in enabling advancements in the healthcare industry. Also, tell us about the latest products developed by your company and their significance in the niche.

We actually recently released the newest generation of CareSimple’s clinical interface, which is the result of more than three years of R&D working in close proximity with our customers both during the design and build phases. Most RPM companies have built their product specifically for a standalone remote patient monitoring experience and, as a result, are limited in their ability to improve and expand.

While also keeping the ability to run standalone, we wanted to be an engine that integrates with electronic health records and expands into other digital health applications, namely chronic conditions management, post-discharge monitoring, remote therapeutic monitoring, and hospital-at-home.

Our new solution brings a new and improved clinical user experience and a framework to grow into these areas enabling health systems and payers to run multiple virtual care programs from one platform and one EHR integration.

What is your opinion on the necessity for patient monitoring solution providers to align their offerings with the latest technological advances, especially when it comes to catering to ever-evolving healthcare needs?

Our criteria to add new technology is pretty simple, it must have the following five characteristics:

  • Simplify the patient experience.
  • Increase clinical efficiency.
  • Drive outcomes.
  • Be cost-effective.
  • Comply with the rigour of our privacy, security, quality, and regulatory standards.

If the answer is yes, then we’ll have it done very quickly. If not, we’ll wait even if we’re missing an opportunity for some hot tech buzzword marketing. We see the growth of virtual care as a marathon rather than a sprint, and the human factor is more important than technology, so our innovative approach is very much patient-centric, down-to-earth, and responsible.

In your opinion, what could be the future of the smart health-monitoring devices and apps industry post-pandemic? And how are you strategizing CareSimple®’s operations for that future?

We see a trend towards “continuous” (or I should say semi-continuous monitoring) with more and more data points becoming available and have prepared our platform to handle those. As we move into this new generation of RPM, our job is to make sure that new sensors simplify and enhance the patient experience rather than add technological barriers and that we provide tools to clinicians to easily leverage this dataset without being overwhelmed by truckloads of data. For example, instead of flagging a high blood pressure or low glucose reading, our platform must be able to provide data insights based on trends, machine-learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

As an established leader, what would be your advice to the budding entrepreneurs and enthusiasts aspiring to venture into the healthcare industry as patient monitoring solution providers?

Don’t just focus on the patient, be patient. We’ve seen many “star” entrepreneurs venture into healthcare with the idea of disrupting it overnight, and often we see this approach failing. Working in healthcare innovation is like fishing. You need to be very patient and pay a lot of attention to the details that matter the most to patients and clinicians alike.

In the end, it’s a lot of hard work and hours, but most importantly, enjoyable since the reward is so humanly gratifying. Knowing that our solutions help directly improve the lives of thousands of families is the reason why we come to work every day in this industry.

How do you envision scaling CareSimple®’s services in 2022 and beyond?

Often to look ahead, you need to understand the past. Not that long ago, doctors used to visit their patients at home to take their vitals and provide them with the care they required. We shifted the traditional model towards making patients visit their doctors at a centralized facility such as the hospital or clinic.

Now in this post-pandemic era, we’re kind of going back to the older model but using technology to capture the vitals and provide the care to avoid having doctors spend their precious time on the road. With RPM, patients can once again enjoy the safety, comfort, and convenience of being cared for at home like their parents or grandparents. We’re seeing this strong trend not only here in the United States, fostered even more by value-based care, but also up north in Canada and in Europe as well where the pandemic has accelerated change.

An Innovative Wellness Tycoon

Michel Nadeau is a creative entrepreneur in the field of digital health, driven by providing digital care and connectivity for every patient. Professional Telecom Engineer since 1989, listed as Top 40 under 40 by Commerce Magazine and awarded the prestigious “Exceptional Achievement” by the Canadian Council of Professional Engineers in 2000. Michel was also named by IP Telephony Magazine in 2006 as a Top 100 World Leader after taking his first IP Telephony software startup ‘Minacom’ to supply the most innovative Service Quality Management Systems to the world’s largest cable operators such as Comcast, Time Warner, and UPC and selling it in 2006 to Tektronix (Richardson, TX).



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