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Certain Fragrances Significantly Improve Cognitive Function when Inhaled while Sleeping

Cognitive Function

Smell is one of the senses we enjoy the most, but we sometimes overlook it. However, the appropriate odours may be just what your brain needs to continue functioning in old age.

Recent studies conducted at the University of California, Irvine have found compelling evidence that adding fragrances to the air enhances cognitive function by fortifying a vital link between the neural regions involved in memory and decision-making.

Their study, which involved 43 men and women between the ages of 60 and 85, reveals dementia and other illnesses like cognitive decline may be prevented by merely diffusing a varied variety of scents through the bedroom each night before bed.

To preserve good cognitive health as we age, it is essential to keep the old grey matter engaged. Having a variety of sights and noises around us to give our brains something to think about goes beyond simply doing the daily crossword.

It has been demonstrated that providing odour-rich environments to other animals can promote neuroplasticity, particularly in studies with animals that exhibited symptoms of neurological illnesses that are similar to those in humans.

It is not unreasonable to think that people would get advantages by taking in a varied “scent-scape.” According to physiological theory, smell perception deteriorates before cognitive function does.

A substantial correlation between the loss of olfactory sense and the death of brain cells suggests that smell plays a significant role in neurological function.

According to neurobiologist Michael Yassa, the olfactory sense has the unique luxury of being directly connected to the brain’s memory pathways.

“The thalamus serves as the initial stop for all other senses. Everyone has experienced the potent ability of smells to bring back memories, even from very long ago. However, there has been no intervention for the loss of smell, unlike with vision abnormalities that we treat with glasses and hearing impairment that is treated with hearing aids.

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