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Chengyang Bryce Yao: Advancing Diagnostics to Improve Patient Outcomes

Magic Lifescience | Chengyang Bryce Yao | CEO
Magic Lifescience | Chengyang Bryce Yao | CEO

In today’s world, medical technology has the power to save lives and improve patient outcomes. From breakthroughs in drug discovery to innovative diagnostic tools, the field of life sciences is rapidly advancing, and one person who is amazed by its potential is Chengyang Bryce Yao. As the CEO of Magic Lifescience, Bryce is at the forefront of developing cutting-edge diagnostic technologies that can improve patient outcomes and transform the healthcare industry.

With a background in electrical engineering and biosensor systems, Yao has always been passionate about the intersection of technology and healthcare. He believes that by developing new diagnostic technologies, we can not only detect diseases earlier but also provide more personalized treatments that can save lives. At MagIC, Yao is leading a team of world-class scientists and engineers to develop point-of-care molecular testing products that can be used by healthcare professionals and patients alike. These products are designed to be faster, more affordable, and more accurate than existing diagnostic tools, enabling healthcare providers to make better decisions about patient care.

With his deep understanding of the point-of-care diagnostic landscape and his expertise in biosensor systems and electrical engineering, Yao is positioning MagIC as a key player in the development of next-generation diagnostic products. His vision for the future of healthcare is centered around the use of cutting-edge technologies to empower patients and improve clinical outcomes, and he is committed to making this vision a reality through his work at MagIC.

Let’s dive in and learn about Yao’s contribution to driving the development of new diagnostic technologies that have the potential to transform the way we approach healthcare.

Source of Inspiration

Yao has been profoundly inspired by his parents, both of whom are medical doctors, to venture into the Life Sciences industry. Growing up in this doctors’ family, he was constantly amazed by the progress of medical technologies, and how these technologies are saving lives; but at the same time, hearing about the needs and the tremendous potentials where life sciences can bring, to get better patient outcomes.

By training, Yao is an electrical engineer, and he’s also inspired by the rapid advancement of consumer electronics, led by the famous Moore’s Law. With his unique background, he felt the mission to bridge the gap between doctors and engineers.

Bringing Cutting-Edge Diagnostic Technologies to the Market

At MagIC, Yao is the lead of technology development for point-of-care molecular testing products. He is responsible for driving the development of cutting-edge diagnostic technologies that can improve patient outcomes. The company’s proprietary magnetic biosensor platform provides a unique foundation for our innovative products, which leverage the latest advancements in electrical and biosensor systems to create faster, more affordable and more accurate tests.

Being one of the inventors of this technology, he utilizes his knowledge in designing electrical and biosensor systems to make such tests faster, more affordable and more accurate. “I have been studying biosensor systems for more than a decade. I have published scholarly articles on the advancement of developing point-of-care, easy-to-use and affordable diagnostic devices since my PhD study at Stanford University,” says Yao.

Yao’s role at MagIC is essential to the company’s success in bringing cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to the market. “My expertise in biosensor systems and electrical engineering, coupled with deep understanding of the point-of-care diagnostic landscape, positions the company as a key player in the development of next-generation diagnostic products that can improve patient outcomes and transform the healthcare industry,” he adds.

Innovative Solutions to Improve Patient Outcomes

Molecular testing, such as PCR tests, has become a critical tool in diagnosing various diseases and conditions, including infectious diseases. However, the traditional centralized lab-based testing approach presents significant challenges, especially for patients who require urgent and timely results. In this scenario, patients have to wait for their test samples to be shipped to a centralized lab, which can take up to a week to receive results. This delay can lead to significant treatment delays, resulting in adverse patient outcomes.

“I recognized this challenge and have developed an innovative solution to bring precise and affordable testing to anyone who needs it. MagIC Lifescience’s automated testing system, the MagChipR, is designed to provide rapid and accurate results, even in decentralized settings. With the MagChipR, patients can receive test results in just under 20 minutes, providing healthcare professionals with immediate and accurate assessments of the patient’s unique situation,” explains Yao.

This quick turnaround time can be critical for patients with acute infectious diseases, where early detection and treatment are essential. The MagChipR also provides critical treatment guidance about the patient’s antimicrobial resistance, which enables healthcare professionals to develop targeted treatment plans that are more effective and safer for the patient.

In addition, by enabling decentralized testing, the MagChipR also helps to improve patient access to critical testing services. Patients no longer have to travel long distances or wait for long periods to receive their test results. Instead, they can get tested at their doctor’s office or in their homes, reducing the burden of traditional testing and improving patient outcomes.

Overall, MagIC Lifescience’s MagChipR is an innovative solution that can revolutionize the way healthcare providers deliver patient care. By providing rapid, accurate and affordable testing, it enables healthcare professionals to make better-informed decisions, leading to improved patient outcomes and better overall healthcare delivery.

Turning Challenges into Opportunities

“The first challenge we face in introducing this new testing technology to the clients is resistance. The medtech and healthcare professions are usually conservative in evaluating and accepting new tools. This is understandably necessary, and requires the new tech developers to spend more time and effort to prove its safety and efficacy,” says Yao.

He continues, “Another challenge that developers face when making such biosensors is that there are high technical barriers to make them work. A successful system needs components from material science and micro-machining, electrical systems, signal processing, and bio-engineering to all work together seamlessly. It is not easy to gather resources and talents from all of these areas at the same time. Technical advantage is the best protection of MagIC Lifescience and we are founded based on a well-balanced team and talents.”

Recognition and Achievements

  • 2017 XPRIZE’s Bold Epic Innovator Award
  • IEEE Senior membership
  • Forbes Tech Councils membership
  • 2020 JHU CBID COVID-19 Design Challenge Finalist

Chengyang Bryce Yao in Brief

Chengyang Bryce Yao is the CEO and CTO of MagIC Lifescience and the inventor of the MagIC GMR Biosensor, an innovative device that uses GMR biosensors for rapid point-of-care molecular testing. Yao received his MS and Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Stanford University in 2017 and 2020, respectively. The son of two doctors, he observed that medicine was not benefitting from the rapid progression technology was enabling in other sectors. So, he set out to change that. Working alongside his Ph.D. advisor Dr. Shan X. Wang, as well as his fellow Ph.D. classmates Dr. Elaine Ng and Dr. Jared Nesvet, Yao become one of the world’s leading researchers on GMR biosensors.

In 2017, Yao, Wang and Ng won the XPRIZE’s Bold Epic Innovator Award for their work. Three years later, in 2020 Yao decided it was time to take their research to the next level. With Dr. Wang, Dr. Ng, Avril Jiao and Tianhao Zhu, he formed Mountain View, CA-based MagIC Lifescience. He is an official member of the Forbes Tech Councils and a senior member of IEEE.

When he’s not driving the future of molecular testing, Yao enjoys hiking with his fiancé around the San Francisco Bay Area and spending time with their dog and cat.

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