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China Locks Down 10 More Beijing Areas Over New Coronavirus Cluster



The Chinese capital raced Monday to control the new outbreak of coronavirus in Beijing with 75 cases linked to the single wholesale food market, where neighborhoods were closed by authorities and a massive trace and testing program was launched.

The disease was largely controlled until a fresh sequence of cases was detected by the capital last week in China — where the disease was first developed last year.

On Monday, health officials reported 49 new cases of coronavirus nationwide, including 36 more in Beijing, where a Xinfadi-linked cluster was the source of fear from the second wave of infections.

At a press conference, City official Li Junjie said cases were found in the wholesale Yuquandong market, in the capital of the Northwest District of Haidian as well.

Consequently, it led to the market and nearby schools’ shutdown, and people in 10 residential properties around were not allowed to leave their houses, he said. The number of households under the new lockdown was not immediately evident, but orders would have an effect on thousands.

The capital has started mass testing by Xinfadi foodstuff laborers, as well as by people living nearby and anyone visiting in the last few weeks.

On Monday morning, AFP reporters saw dozens of people standing at one local stadium and being heavily guarded in hazmat suits.

Officials said they are planning to conduct virus tests on 46,000 local residents. It’s already tested more than 10,000 people.

Various cities have warned people not to enter Beijing.

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