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Colgate University heard of Experiencing a Norovirus Outbreak; More than 60 cases Observed

norovirus | Colgate University
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The Madison County Public Health Department reports that at least 15 Colgate University students are exhibiting signs of a gastrointestinal ailment that is consistent with a norovirus infection.
Of the fifteen pupils, two have tested positive for the stomach virus known as norovirus, which causes vomiting and diarrhea. Investigations are ongoing into 54 more suspected instances, including those involving Hamilton residents and employees as well as students.
Noroviruses are extremely infectious and easily transfer between individuals.

Most of the questionable incidents are connected to various social gatherings that take place both on and off campus, such as a fundraiser at the Colgate Inn on February 22 and student get-togethers.
In order to stop the spread of illness, the University is collaborating with Madison County Public Health to detect cases, look into them, conduct interviews, offer education, and improve cleaning.
This week, the CDC announced that norovirus outbreaks are affecting communities all throughout the country. In places where lots of people congregate, such restaurants, bars, nursing homes, schools, daycare facilities, and cruise ships, outbreaks are more frequently detected.

This month, reports of digestive illnesses in Madison County from hospital emergency departments and schools continued to rise.
The highly contagious norovirus is the source of diarrhea and vomiting. Anyone can contract the norovirus and become ill. The norovirus is commonly referred to as the “stomach bug” or “stomach flu.” On the other hand, norovirus sickness is unrelated to influenza virus-caused flu. Learn about the signs and symptoms of norovirus, how it spreads, and how to avoid it.

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