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Coronavirus Update: India becomes the world’s seventh worst affected country


Coronavirus Update

India became the seventh worst affected country in the world with more than 1,90,500 cases and 5,394 deaths with its largest one-day rise in Covid-19 infection. Indian caseload in the past 24 hours has risen by 8,392 infections, with 230 deaths.

It is still far behind the United States which leads the table with 1,818,983 cases. The death toll of US people is 101,567 but on Sunday their casualties dropped from 5,475 on 10 May to 1,263.

The death rate in India in May increased over two days. On 5 May, the nation reported 195 deaths, before rising to 265 victims on 30 May, for the highest death toll in one day.

India was the 10th most affected country by the Covid-19 tally on May 25, when the virus passed 138,000 people. India overtook Iran, which had the top 10 list in 135,000 events.

The state of Maharashtra is still the highest in India with Covid-19 reports, but in positive cases of coronavirus, almost all states now record an increase.

Overtaking France to become seventh highest in the world, as the government eases back on most curbs after a two-month-long lockdown that left millions without work.

On Monday, the country opened its “unlockdown 1,” which allows for certain activities around the country and only restricts it to containment areas for one month until June 30. States have been empowered to prohibit such practices and, where possible, to enforce effective restrictions.

With unlockdown and thousands of people packing into 200 new trains that resumed services across the country, still, there lies concerns that if the infections keep rising in the nation, the health system would be stretched.

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