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Covid-19 Antibodies does not provide lasting immunity, says report

Covid-19 Antibodies

According to the report which suggests caution concerning so-called herd immunity as well as the sustainability of vaccines, Covid-19 recovery may not provide much lasting protection from future infections to those with only mild cases.

Research in blood antibodies taken from 34 patients who recovered from the disease after suffering mainly mild symptoms that did not need intensive attention was described in the New England Journal of Medicine correspondence. Just two needed extra oxygen and had an HIV drug, and none had a ventilator or remdesivir.

Antibodies were initially analyzed for 37 days, with second after 86 days or less than three months on average. The researchers found that levels of antibodies fell rapidly and had a half-life of about 73 days. Antibodies lost more rapidly than SARS, an earlier type of infection with coronavirus.

Scientists around the world are studying the antibody response closely for indications as to how long immunity may last. Although there is little evidence that reinfection occurs in general, health professionals still need to clarify details. The latest findings suggest that reinfection protection in those with mild symptoms, which accounts for the majority of cases, may not last long.