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COVID-19 : India begins Phase 3 Human Trials

COVID-19 : India begins Phase 3 Human Trials | COVID19 vaccine


Coronavirus vaccine phase 3 human trials have successfully begun in India, sources reported. It also has been reported that the central government has requested manufacturers to indicate potential prices of COVID-19 vaccines, NITI Aayog member V.K. Paul said. On the other hand the Chinese vaccine developed by Sinopharm is said to be available by December 2020 and will cost Rs 10,000 for two doses, as per a Global Times report. Australian Prime Minister has assured that the COVID19 vaccine will be made available for free for its citizens.

NITI Aayog member V.K. Paul has said that “one vaccine is in the stage of phase-3 trials, the other two are also progressing well and are in the phase 1-2 of clinical trials.” However, Paul did not reveal the name and details of the potential COVID19 vaccine candidate. (Source : Financial Express)

He said that the central government has reviewed these experimental coronavirus vaccine candidates. He said that potential coronavirus vaccines are making good progress. He also said that the outline of the Coronavirus vaccine administration and supply chain is ready.

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