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Covid-19 may infect patients’ heart cells: Researchers


Covid-19 Impact

Researchers, including of Indian origin, demonstrated that Coronavirus can infect laboratory-grown cardiac muscle cells and that it can directly cause cardiac infection in patients with Covid-19.

The report was based on experiments in lab-grown heart muscle cells made from un-specific human stem cells and published in Cell Reports Medicine.

Although many Covid-19 patients have heart conditions, they have not been fully aware of the reasons for the symptoms. They said all of them involved pre-existing cardiac conditions or inflammation and oxygen deprivation resulting from the infection. The evidence that the coronavirus infects each of the muscle cells of the heart directly is limited.

The current study has shown that SARS-CoV-2 is able to infect human stem-derived cardiac cells and to change how proteins were created by the genes in these cells. The researchers confirmed that heart cells can be infected with the virus, which activates the ‘defense mechanisms’ of innate cells to help remove the virus. In citing limitations, these findings are not a perfect replica of what is happening in the body because they have been performed in heart cells that grow into laboratories.



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