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Cuure: Improving Everyone’s Health along with a Holistic Experience

Jules Marcilhacy | Co-founder | COO | Hugo Facchin| Co-founder | CEO | Cuure
Jules Marcilhacy | Co-founder | COO | Hugo Facchin| Co-founder | CEO | Cuure

It is significantly important to use advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare sector to maximize the quality and efficiency of the healthcare solutions. Use of AI technology in the healthcare sector can increase the productivity of healthcare delivery and it has the potential to allow healthcare systems to provide more better and improved care to people.

AI improves the experience of healthcare practitioners, which enables them to spend more time in close patient care and decreasing burnout. AI has the tremendous potential to transform the way healthcare is perceived.

Building on Automation and AI can revolutionize healthcare services, help reduce the challenges in the medical sector, and can significantly improve the health of people. In pertinence, Cuure is a consumer health startup, helping everyone improve their wellness, through a personalized scientific and technological experience.

In an interview with Insights Care, Hugo Facchin the Co-founder, and CEO at Cuure, shares the company’s journey and a few details regarding its contribution to the healthcare sector.

Below are the highlights of the interview:

Please brief our audience about Cuure, its values, vision, and mission.

Jules Marcilhacy, the cofounder and COO, and I are both entrepreneurs with experience in the US, originally, in direct-to-consumer startups. And we both come from families of doctors and entrepreneurs. And basically, based on our experiences in direct consumer startup and/or personal appetites for health and wellness startups, we both wanted to build a company that kind of fulfilled this mission of improving everyone’s health with a consumer approach.

That’s pretty much how we started and basically, our mission is really to improve everyone’s health, wellness, nutrition with a personalized 360o holistic experience. And our vision is really to have a tailored experience with products and services that are going to cater to your need at any time at any point in your life cycle.

Our specialized capsules come from a natural environment which, in our opinion, is the best for you. Our herbal capsules are sourced from plants in their most natural and responsible habitat. Some have been used for centuries in their region of origin for their therapeutic properties. They can help improve our health, energy, and cognitive abilities. We are also offering capsules for vitamins and mineral needs as well.

The tagline on your company’s LinkedIn page says Nutraceutic revolution, powered by data and science. Can you shed some light on the same?

Basically, personalization and science are at the heart of the company and are supported by our mastering of data and technology. So, as you see, the tip of the iceberg is that we are a direct-to-consumer company selling nutraceutical products. But what we really do is, again, understanding granularly the customer needs and answer them very accurately, or as accurately as possible. And that’s how we are actually leveraging the data and technology to fulfil this mission of ours. And the scientific aspect is obviously our forte.

From the medical record, the wellness recommendation that we build with our online tests, thanks to the expertise of our scientific community that is comprised of doctors in nutrition, in pharmacy, material paths, etc., it is also in our mastering of the value chain of the product itself.

So, we have our own formulas that we developed with our biology engineers internally and the proceeds of our scientific committee and the proceeds of our partner labs. So, it’s all formulas. We source our own ingredients. Most of our ingredients patented with actual research that are maximizing the efficiency. And on top of that, thanks to the availability of accurate data, we are actually tracking the efficiency of the price among our customers. Hence, we have an actual statistical visibility in terms of what functions and what doesn’t.

Taking into consideration, the current pandemic, and its impact on global economies, how are you driving your organization to sustain operations and ensuring safety of your employees at the same time?

It has been a quite complicated year for all of us. For sure, in our industry, in the health wellness space particularly when it comes to online direct to consumer offering, the impact wasn’t that bad. I mean, everyone is more conscious about their personal wellness and want to take care of themselves more and more with alternatives to what they usually do.

So down the line from a pure business standpoint, for sure, it was a pretty good year. But obviously, what was a real challenge is to adapt the organization, to adapt the teams and the project, and to keep the motivation up, keep the ambition up.

And the main thing we did was to have super-transparent communication with the team in the good and in the bad, I would say, telling them that we were iterating, taking the decision, listening to them, listening to their perspective, their individual situation just to always take the best decision. So yeah, I would say that the main driver of our organization in 2020 was really a real transparent communication.

What is your opinion on combining artificial intelligence in the healthcare space and what can be expected in the future?

I think that when you look at the situation globally form the medical and health sector, you have all the very precise, accurate, and super scientific approach of health from the western countries, and the more holistic approach, mind and body approach, traditional approach from the Eastern medicine perspective. And what I hope is that I hope for the future of health that both of those approach will coexist and be combined. And I truly believe that the tech and data mastering of innovative projects like ours and like others, obviously, that are even more intuitive to artificial intelligence approach will lead to this convergence.

What would be your advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to venture into the HealthTech sector?

My advice is to be bold and very transparent. I truly think as human beings that is one of the key supports of our life. Health is essential. It’s very central. There are tons of innovation that are flourishing all over the globe. And I think there are tons of additional innovation that can come. And my advice would be to be very bold because a lot of aspects of this industry are pretty rusty or pretty old school. And sometimes, you’re going to have closed doors. And I’m pretty convinced that you need to go take a look at what is after this door even though it’s closed in the first place.

Where you do envision your organization to be in the long run? What are your future ambitions and goals with Cuure?

Our goal is really to enable people to have access to a scientific, credible, one-stop-solution for wellness with several products and services that will be matching their needs at any time in their life. So progressively, what we want to build is really this platform for consumer health and keep adding products and services that will burnish the vision. So obviously, the roadmap, it’s pretty precise and we are progressively striding towards a successful future.



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